Charter Points the Way, Aussies on Fiji, Chinese Investment, Tuvalu Studies PSC, Unemployed Training

. National People's Charter Advisory Council Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi stressed that, while there is progress, the eleven pillars of the charter need to been seen incorporated in the running of government and the lives of the people. He was speaking this morning at the  fifth meeting of the Charter Advisory Council. He also expressed concerns that some government ministries and departments are acting like politicians and looking after their own agenda and interest and not focusing on the task at hand.

PINE HARVESTS SHOULD REDUCE BUILDING COSTS. Fiji Pine Board member Ratu Jolame Lewanavanua said that harvesting of the pine plantations in Gau, Kadavu, Lau as well as other areas commences in two weeks' time should mean cheaper timber prices for the local market.This is in line with Government's plan to provide current and new home owners affordable options.

AUSSIE OPPOSITION WOULD   open negotiations with Fiji's military ruler Frank Bainimarama for electoral reform as a way of breaking the current diplomatic standoff between Suva. If this means they will respond to Fiji's requests for legal, technical and financial assistance, great;  but if they are still talking about dates, what's new?

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith said there are three priorities when it comes to Fiji.

(1) "To continue to keep pressure on Fiji both bilaterally and through international institutions like the Commonwealth;"(2)"We don't want to do things to hurt the people of Fiji, which is why we don't have trade sanctions and bans.(3) "Thirdly, and most importantly, we do need to continue in conjunction with the international and regional community to find some way of opening up an effective dialogue with the Commodore to return Fiji to democracy." In other world they will continue to pursue the policy that has proved so successful over the past four years.

Meanwhile, Lowy Institute's Jenny Hayward-Jones thinks Australian-Fiji relations have deteriorated. “Other Pacific countries want to talk to Fiji, and Australia and New Zealand are the only ones maintaining this 'don't talk' policy,” she said.

CHINESE COMPANY CONFIRMED.Speaking from China, the  the PM said Tengy Group is ready to start cement manufacturing operations in Fiji immediately. The company has also been invited to set up wind farms to generate power for the country and at the same time register a company in Fiji. The PM returns to Fiji tomorrow Friday.
. A three member delegation from Tuvalu’s PSC is in Fiji to obtain information on the operations and workings of Fiji PSC, and identify ways on how the two governments can work together in improving efficiencies and work practices in their respective public services.The team returns to Tuvalu next week.

. More than six hundred unemployed  have started a programME the government  is calling "life long skills training". It is part of the National Employment Centre's Decree Initiative which forces unemployed people over 15 years of age to undergo this training or face a fine of up to $500.


Anonymous said…
Serulagilagi is one of the bright ones. He would be a could candidate for Deputy prime minister and a way for Military PM to slowly retreat.
Anonymous said…
The Chinese cement story reminds me of the hype in 2007 when Hugo Chavez promissed Bainimarama an oil refinery and crude oil supplies at discounted prices. Would anyone be able to help me find the refinery? Perhaps we should wait a bit before we pop the Champagne on this one. It is also well known, that cement plants of the size required for the Fiji market do not produce economically. This is the reason why the Lami plant does only bagging at present.
Anonymous said…
Fact or Fiction ?

A number of blogs have been carrying stories about double dipping by the PM and AG. The allegation is they have been receiving a salary for each of the many portfolios they look after.

If true this is nothing short of corruption. Does anyone remember the PM promising no one in the Military would benefit from this coup. Anyway rather than getting steamed up about it perhaps you could use your contacts Croz to see if there is any truth in it ?

Assuming it is false, Government are not exactly doing themselves any favors by letting these rumors continue unanswered.
Anonymous said…
@ Unemployed start training

The unemployed may train as much as they choose but if companies are unable to afford to hire them, unable to cut their costs when they must (with a Double Dip recession looming on the horizon again): what is the point? Companies will go broke and then jobs will be lost with them: all jobs. It is the small to medium sized companies that fuel any economy. Any Economics One student knows this. And, not all companies are the same. Some make things: others provide services and employ people in numbers. Some are large, some are small but all are very different and that mix is what makes an economy thrive. Imposing upon private enterprise will kill the Goose that lays a Golden Egg: for good. Give those who own companies some credence for common sense and sound management 'nous'. And let them do what they must to serve their clients and their shareholders.

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