Sherlock say Field "Completely Wrong" and Other Stories

SHERLOCK TO SUE BANK, BLAMES MICHAEL FIELD FOR FALSE STORY. NZ resort owner to file claim against FDB RadioFiji reports that former Fiji Lagoon Resort owner Jim Sherlock will file a claim against the Fiji Development bank over the closure of his business. (Photo Michael Field)
The Resort was seized in May by the FDB over a disagreement on the conditions of the repayment of a $300,000 loan.Sherlock says he has lost a lot from the closure and blames the FDB lawyers for much of the problem.

“What I’m doing is, I’ll just claim against Fiji Development Bank for destroying my business. The Bank itself has been quite good to me, as soon as the lawyers took over they saw that a bit of money was there to be made and they are in like robber’s dogs. So, I was really disappointed about that. I sold three properties in New Zealand, all put into this resort. Their lawyers didn’t think about the tourist side of it at all.”

FDB CEO Deve Toganivalu told FBC News he is not at liberty to publicly discuss confidential details of the Bank’s dealings with any of its customers.

Sherlock continues to be the major shareholder of time-shared Fiji Palms which he says is performing like a champion. He says he started Fiji Palms in 1988 and will never leave Fiji.

Meanwhile Sherlock says reports in the overseas media that he has been told to leave the country with just a suitcase are wrong.

“No! That’s a Michael Field one! I have only talked to Michael Field once and that was in May. He told me of a story he was going to print and I told him it was completely wrong. He wasn’t going to let the truth get in the way of a good story so he went ahead and printed it!

Note: Government critics have said the Fiji media are not reporting anything on the Sherlock saga because of censorship. This article is from RadioFive.

. Singapore High Commissioner Justice MPH Rubin  has invited Fiji's elections officials to visit Singapore to see how their electoral system works. Like Fiji, Singapore is an ethnically diverse society and its election system was designed to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in an ethnically diverse country. The High Commissioner, who is based in Wellington, leaves Fiji today.

. A month on from the PM's opening of the coconut bio-diesel plant on Koro Island,  Vice Chairman of Koro Bio-diesel Cooperative Ltd, Tevita Vunileba, reports that the new fuel is cheaper and cleaner than ordinary diesel. Of the 14 villages on the island, 13 had generators, five of which are so far using the new fuel. He's hoping the remaining villages will switch to bio-diesel.

of misconduct. 

FIJI TELEVISION LTD. Fiji Television Limited said its board has now met to discuss the impact of the decree on its business.

TUILAEPA A DICTATOR. The NZ Herald, reporting the Samoan PM's rejection of Bainimarama's invitation to attend this month's MSG Plus meeting, also  noted,  "Letters to the editor in the past month have also seen readers call Tuilaepa a dictator, citing several controversial laws recently including the switch to right hand drive."

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Anonymous said…
It is important that the taxpayers of Fiji should know that Hemendra Nagin sat on the board of Transparency International Fiji as a board member (having signed a Code of Conduct and a Schedule of Assets as is required) for at least two years. When he was charged to appear before Justice John Connors and his Commission, he failed to step aside and was required to do so upon a complaint being made by another board member. We need now to assure ourselves, surely, that he does not resume his place on this board?
sara'ssista said…
Can i still be hearing this whining about false reporting, if that is the case, what happened to suing? It is not as if there are no measures you can take and at least the guy who is complaining has the opportunity to voice it, not likley to happen in fiji is it?

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