Fiji Sets Vision for a Modern State

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Legal equality, modernising laws and liberalising the economy are the key components of the Fiji's vision of a modern state, says Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.
Sayed-Khaiyum says the vision stemmed from the belief that there are some fundamental problems within Fiji’s governmental system.

He says these problems do not position Fiji well to become a modern nation state because it situates itself within a particular concept that does not meet those challenges.

Sayed-Khaiyum says the need to create legal equality in Fiji is the strategic framework’s philosophical basis.

He adds Fiji will have a citizenship based on common and equal citizenry which means if you hold a Fijian passport, you’re a Fijian and you have the absolute right to be treated like everybody else in the country.  --- Fiji Broadcasting Commission


Anonymous said…
Enough rhetoric. Lets see some concrete moves to restore lost civil liberties.
Vision to where? said…
Will the 'vision' for the modern Fijian state include the periodic removal of elected governments by the military? It would appear that those supporting this latest coup are saying that is a good thing?
Liu Muri said…
Vision to where?, the answer to your question is YES. The concern for many have been, who can save us from democracy, especially the type in Fiji and elsewhere in the world, where the fat cats of the society abuse the provisions of democracy, merely electoral numbers, to abuse their position and deny social justice to all its citizens. I repeat that any democracy not able to deliver social justice to ALL its people is not worth defending.
Anonymous said…
it will most certainly mean the military remains a higher power who reserves the right to remove governments and or tell them what to do.

Let assume Frank is a saint (he isn't) and his intentions are 100% pure (they are not) then it all works fine but what about when he is gone. A new RFMF boss may just be not as pure as frank and decide hey I'd like a go at being PM and god of all.

To be credible frank has to guarantee no more military involvement and and to be a credible PM he has to resign as commandor.
Grantham Grocer said…
Governments do not have money of their own: taxpayers provide the wherewithall for government funding and the means of implementing policy. Taxpayers are the bedrock of any system of governance: democratic or not. Taxpayers anywhere eventually will want accountability. They will exert their will to have accountability. On this premise questions follow:

What have the taxpayers of Australia and New Zealand been doing all these years? Hardly demanding full accountability?

What have the taxpayers of Fiji been doing all these years? Hardly requiring proper and accountable governance?

So we (the taxpayers) appear to have some interests in common. What are we waiting for?
sara'ssista said…
so the answer is to have a military regime that may have elections...when it suits them, and only if they can get the outcome they wish irrespective of the opinions of anyone else and the next government had better not think about looking into army budget etc we know what those fat cats have been up to.

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