Fiji claims egg on Aussie faces as dictator pulls off PR coup with summit | The Australian

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Fiji claims egg on Aussie faces as dictator pulls off PR coup with summit | The Australian


Anonymous said…
The notion that one can rely on the current Fiji government to make an honest and disinterested effort to protect human rights, private property, provide public goods and so raise national and regional economic welfare is laughable. Well done Mr. Bainimarama to convince Tuvalu and Kiribati leaders to join the party. These are the ones that a former Forum Deputy Secretary General labeled leaders with a mendicant mentality. A good outcome of the meeting would be to jointly refuse any aid for the next 10 years. The taxpayers in Oz, NZ and the EU will be delighted.
on her face said…
I'm not sure it is a smart move for Fiji's chief censor and others to start gloating before the jelly is set. One suspects this is going to be a long war that is a long way from over. And as the saying says, 'it doesn't matter if you lose a battle as long as you don't lose the war'. Good luck to both sides - the only certainty is that the divisions are massively widening.
Anonymous said…
It shows how totally misguided this
Government is that some sort of minor PR
Victory over Australia is considered

Apart from inflate a few local Fiji egos
from PM down it achieves nothing.
Joe said…
Wow, a great victory for Fiji. The "divide and rule" artists failed to prevent this meeting from taking place. So what if it is not called MSG+. It is exactly the same thing known by a different name, just as there is a fine line between lobbying and interference. This is one huge step forward,ie, the solidarity and unity of neighboring countries expect the 2 big bullies and the insignificant one that drive on the wrong side of the road.
Anonymous said…

We could do without all the gloating Mr PM (not very pacific of you) but THANKYOU for "cast-iron guarantee" about elections before Sept 2014.

Now how about some real actions and milestones so we can see this is not another slippery promise to be changed at a later date...
Anonymous said…
Egg on who's face ?

PM Frank will have Egg all over his face if the chunky bits of Professor Biman Prasads report on the Fiji eonomy gets some media play in locally in Fiji. Oooops thats right, it won't, only minor snippets will get past the sensors.
Anonymous said…
Driving the wedge.....

PM Frank seems determined to drive a wedge between AU and Fiji and the rest of the Pacific and AU. He's dreaming if he thinks other Pacific countries are going to take his strong anit-AU approach. He should be careful about boasting about AU people loving Fiji - they do love the poeple and to holiday but few would say they support any military dictator.

The rest of the Pacific will continue to work with AU and talk to Fiji. They will also do their best to ensure Fiji's coup culture which is the major reason for Fiji's poor economic performance (including the coup of 2006) does not find it's way to their homes. Just because they are prepared to talk does not mean they support the idea of a coup. How could they ? It could mean any of them could be removed tomorrow.

If Somare was removed by a coup tomorrow. Would he expect PM Frank to throw his wait behind the coup leader ?
Interested said…
I watched the videos of this interview and Bainimarama was given every chance to put his view across. The story in the paper was also quite balanced, and is a welcome change to the previous stories in the Australian. However, Bainimarama still has a major problem articulating his position, achievements and arguments clearly. As a long time follower of the news in Fiji, and Bainimarama's actions over the past 3 years I can see what he is trying to say. However it would not be as clear to the uninitiated or detractors. Even the interviewer sometimes understood what he was trying to say and was able to rephrase it in clear concise sentance that was much more convincing. I think Bainimarama should hire that guy, talk to him privately, then let him be his spokesman.

I think Bainimarama's message is basically good. He just needs to articulate it better if he wishes to convince others that he is doing the right thing.
Anonymous said…
Frank V

What a victory Frank. Well done.

Might be time to pin a couple of new medals on your chest and give yourself a pay rise.
Anonymous said…
Pacific leaders unanimous to support Fiji
July 22, 2010 02:10:40 PMA+ A- | | | The Pacific Island Leaders have come out in full support of the Fiji government’s Strategic Framework for Change and Roadmap to Democracy.

This after a crucial presentation by the Strategic Framework for Change Coordination Office on Fiji’s way forward to elections come 2014.

The leaders, impressed with the efforts and progress made by Fiji towards its reforms, thanked the Fiji Government for inviting them to engage with Fiji.

The leaders also noted that nation-building is not a simple process but one that requires a concerted amount of commitment and will to obtain the desired changes that will benefit all communities.

The delegates also expressed a lot of interest in a number of Government initiatives such as the anti-corruption laws, rural development programmes, poverty alleviation and good governance policies as well as Government’s education-for-all initiative.

They also expressed their appreciation for the ongoing consultations held between the people of Fiji and the Government on the way forward and have expressed their willingness and, expressed support for continued engagement with the Fiji Government.

The Pacific leaders noted that they share similar challenges to those faced by Fiji and are supportive of Fiji’s approach to dealing with these issues.

(Now which leaders said what ? Is there an official communication ?)
gloating is not leadership said…
One suspects the dictator's gloating could be short lived?

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