AUCKLAND TO DENARAU YACHT RACE has started.  Here is the link  to follow it real time. Scroll down to Map the GPS Tracker. It could take a while if you don't have broadband.


Who needs enemies? said…
The Nadarivatu project shows just what a double edged sword China's increased presence in Fiji is proving to be. It's inconceivable that any other country would allow unskilled or semi skilled workers to be imported as part of a deal like this. Especially when the local unemployment rate is so high. Yet Fiji seems to have no choice, as it spirals ever downwards to the status of beggar nation. At no time in our history have we allowed a foreign power to bypass the right of our own citizens to get first preference for jobs like these. It's an absolute scandal and the regime from the Prime Minister down should hang its collective head in shame. Imagine what it must be like for a job hungry villager in the highlands of Viti Levu to see these Chinese peasant workers arrive on masse. At this rate, we may as well be a full blown colony of China. The British would never have allowed this and nor would our traditional partners, Australia and NZ. As they say, with friends like these...
Non event said…
Frankly, I can't see the point of the Auckland to Denarau yacht race except as a social event for those involved. Fifty years ago, it might have been a challenge in testing the seamanship skills of man against the elements. But in these days of the GPS, depth finder and early warning radar, why the hell should the rest of us be impressed? My mate has a device on his boat that can pick up any vessel within a range of 200 nautical miles. So you don't even need to keep watch nowadays and can stay below for much of the time in splendid comfort. When 16 year old kids like Jessica Watson can sail around the world single handed, what makes these guys so special?

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