(o+) Charter Progress, Politicians Spawned Racism, FNPF Board Abused Trust, Naitasiri Apologizes

DESTINY Lies Squarely In Hands of the People. "The destiny of Fiji lies squarely in the hands of her people and nobody else," National People’s Charter Advisory Council (NPCAC) Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi told members at the third NPCAC meeting in Suva.  Photo: RadioFiji.

The NPCAC is the first agency to be established as a build-up mechanism to the National People's Charter Council, and will play a monitoring role in the implementation of the Charter which will be a set of commitments for change and reform that the people of Fiji make to each other about change, peace and progress to rebuild the nation.

Serulagilagi said expectations were high. “We also have a huge task ahead of us in reaching out to the public and convincing them that work is earnestly being pursued in implementation of the Charter, the Roadmap for Reforms and Restoration of Sustainable Democracy and overall the Building of a Better Fiji.” He told members they were not operating under normal circumstances, but the onus was on them. Government and the community are expecting results, and the international community is also watching the Council's progress..

POLITICAL Differences Have Promoted Racism
. Speaking at the Taailevu Provincial Council meeting yesterday, the PM  said that race "slipped in" during elections when people voted along racial lines,when ethnic Fijians were told they have been robbed off their wealth and possessions.As aq result,  most of the native land that was leased out to sugarcane farmers was not renewed, mainly in the Western and Northern. As a result,the tenants moving out and the landowners lost a valuable source of income and the land now left idle is filled with paragrass and guava trees.

NAITASIRI Provincial Council
  supports Government, with some dissensions.

FNPF Board Abused Members' Trust
. Consumer Council CEO Premila Kumar  said poor Board decisions leading to the $327 million write-down of Fiji National Provident Fund assets abused the trust of members. She accused previous boards, the FNPF's management team and the Reserve Bank as regulators who were the "eyes and ears for government," of poor governance.

"It is ironical." she said, "that the Board was made up of members' representatives which means decisions made at Board level were known to members' reps who were also party to the bad investment that was written off. But they failed to inform members. Serving on a Board shouldn't be seen as a privilege ... we haven't seen any board members resigning over wrong decisions." " She stressed the need to review selection processes for members' representatives, and was pleased to learn Government was now working with authorities and agencies from Singapore over controls and reforms for FNPF.

FNPF Plans a  Marketing Drive
in the hope of recovering its investments of over $80million in the Momi Bay Development Project.

of  unsatisfactory professional conduct.

PAKISTAN's New HighCom
. The High Commissioner designate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Her Excellency Fauzia Nasreen  presented her credentials to President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau on Thursday last.

POLITICAL Satire. More new posting from Namuamua Journal.


Proud Fijian said…
The Kadavu House is now under probing as to the ownership. An FNPF loan was taken out to purchase it but there are three Entities that may own it.

1. Provincial Council
2. Kadavu Development Company
3. Kadavu Holdings Limited.

Can someone do a search on directors and shareholders on the latter 2.
It will be interesting to see who they are.
Now this is really something said…
Croz, you've buried the Naitasiri story at Number 3 but it deserves top billing like the Bau "apology". Why? Because this means that those who were the most bitter enemies of the regime have turned turtle, or at least some of them. It's even more remarkable when their high chief, the Qaranivalu, is behind bars for plotting to kill Frank. And it also shows that regime critics like Jone Baledrokadroka are gradually being marginalised among their own people. A hugely important shift, in my opinion, that's arguably even more potent than the recalcitrant chiefs of Bau feigning a change of attitude.
Franky the brave said…
You've got to hand it to Bainimarama, blithely walking into the most hostile territory in Fiji to deliver a lecture on the collective shortcomings of the people and their leaders. You never know what Fijians are really thinking. But this ought to be a clear sign to the international community that the regime's critics invariably overestimate opposition to the regime. At this rate - garlanded and beaming among his enemies - maybe Frank isn't being deluded when he contemplates the possibility of standing for election in four years time. Oh, of course, he's denying it now and says he'll be happy to return to barracks. But some people close to him swear that's the agenda. Judging from this performance in striding into the lion's den, he certainly has what it takes for national leadership. No liu muri, this one.
sara'ssista said…
the destiny of fiji ....lies in the hands of a self appointed military 'head for life' who is not well noted for his conciliatry nature nor his negotiation skills. More thug. I am suprised people have any faith that feels the need to anything he doesn't want to do or consult anyone. he appoints who he wants , dismisses others without feeling he has to make any explanation. Yes this is great start to national harmony and constituional reform. Anyone up for lunch at QE barracks ??...in the cells of course.Just behave yourselves, daddy is watching.
Proud fijian said…
I wouldn't mind going up there for dinner.

Have a tanoa of that traditional muddy brew and a plate of canned fish (coqa) curry and tavioka.

I think would enjoy their company (no pun intended).
sara'ssista said…
@Proud....yes but you may chose to leave, other don't appear to get that choice and have their heads kicked in. Bring a plate.

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