Blog Ostrich, Ro Teimumu, Dorsami Naidu, Policeman Jailed, Tax Officer Defrauds, PM Blames SVT, SDL, Constitution on Track

Ostriches Bury Their Heads in the Sand. One of the more extreme anti-Government Blogs RealFijiNews has a confession to make.  "We have not[it writes] as a matter of principle read this illegal government’s 'Peoples Charter' since the purported abrogation of our Supreme Law last April which presumably this Charter was founded upon." Actually, the Charter preceded the Abrogation. The blog then goes on to ask where the country is heading. I suggest they read the Charter! Or this blog!

High Chief Ro Teimumu Kepa, head of the Burebasaga Confederacy that includes most of Viti Levu's south coast from Rewa westwards, parts of Ba and the island of Kadavu, was in court on Monday charged with breaching the public emergency regulations. The charge relates to activities last year when the High Chief allegedly conspired with Methodist Church ministers to host the annual Methodist conference in Lomanikoro in Rewa even though a directive was given by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama not to hold the conference. The case as deferred until 4 May at the request of the defence.

The President of the Fiji Law Society, Dorsami Naidu, is  due to appear before the Legal Services Commission again today on charges of professional conduct. Four of the original seven charges are not being actioned at this stage. The three remaining relate to alleged misconduct by a legal practitioner and cover matters such as billing, speed in resolving an estate and a planned land purchase. If found guilty, the maximum penalty is a fine of up $500,000 or suspension from or being struck off the roll of lawyers.

Policeman Helps Robbers. A former police officer Saimoni Rokotunidau, who used a police vehicle to escort robbers away from the scene of the crime, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail by the Suva High Court today. The former officer had 31 previous convictions prior to his seven year robbery spree, which ended last year.

Tax Officer Defrauds Tax Office. Former tax general manager Vimal Krishna yesterday withdrew his application for a stay on conspiracy proceedings against him after his lawyer conceeded the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption's case against his client had "some merit." Krishna is alleged to have conspired with three others to defraud the Fiji Inland Revenue and Customs Authority of $10,000.

Government is Laying the Platform for Elections in 2014 and No one can stop that. This is what PM Bainimarama told villagers in Sawaieke, Gau. He also the PM  said he has brought in Army Colonels to hold the top posts in the Divisional Commissioner's Offices  because he he knew they would carry out their jobs efficiently. When elections came in 2014 they would know who to elect into Government from the work that is being carried out.

The PM told villagers in Lamiti, Gau, that the SVT and SDL parties had set Fiji back for over ten years. They had used racial discrimination to hold on to power, and this was one of the main reasons why indigenous Fijians rushed to Parliament House to support the Speight-led coup in 2000, without fully understanding what they were doing. A problem with indigenous Fijians, he said,  was that did not speak their mind, or be up-front about issues, allowing politicians to manipulate them.

Constitution On Track. The PM's Office confirms work on the new constitution will start in 2012, to give everyone ample time to hear Government’s views and contribute to discussions on the country’s new supreme law ordered by former President Ratu Josefa Iloilo in April last year. The Constitution will be promulaged in 2013 in time for the General Elections in 2014.


Na Qwahe said…
O cei o Ro Reimumu?
joe said…
An illegal govt it may be, but it is the best Fiji has ever seen. Our PM is reaching out to the grass roots, never ever seen before. People's concerns are being addressed, no false promises, no vote buying, transparency, lawyers who thought that they were above the law are being dragged into court, good luck Dorsami. What else do we want? I hope there never ever is an election in Fiji. Leave it the way it is now.
White Frangipani said…
So one of the more extreme anti-Government Blogs RealFijiNews has a confession to make. "We have not[it writes] as a matter of principle read this illegal government’s 'Peoples Charter'
I can't believe it! How can they make informed balanced judgments? The 'People's Charter' is the essence of the present Fijian Government's road map. If anti-Government Blog RealFijiNews has never read the 'People's Charter' then they can not criticise. I suggest if RealFijiNews wants to live up to their name "real" they go and read the 'People's Charter'. They are probably too scared to though because they might just find themselves agreeing with a lot of the content!
True Blue said…
Actually Joe, the best government Fiji ever had was the UK Conservative government from 1970 to 1974

Its decision to give Fiji independence in 1970 set the stage for Fijians to revert to the tried and trusted, age old method of governance change. That of the war club.

Long live the little bird’s favourite (which has been, and always will be, the man with the biggest club and strongest arm).

As you quite rightly say, we’ve never had it so good and the only thing that would make our cup runneth over would be if the kaivalagi doctors overseas managed to manipulate human genes to allow immortality. That would mean there’d never have to be another coup and we could all live happily in the sunshine at the feet of the great immortal commodore. Yes, old sport – sunshine, despite being sat in a place where we should be in shadow. After all, we know where the sun in Fiji shines from don’t we?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kumala Loa said…

Your disrespect of Fijian tradition and cultural protocol is despicable to say the least.

Can you get the correct name of the High Chief of the Rewa Province. It is Ro Teimumu NOT Ro Reimumu as you have it in your Post headings.

The illegal regime's attempt to run down Fijian cultural practices and institutions seem to be rubbing off on you. No wonder you have been correctly labelled as an apologist for them. Grow up and leave Fiji to Fijians.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Kumala Loa. The error was obviously a typo, as shown by the correct spelling in the text. It is you who show disrespect to ethnic Fijians by making such a cheap dig.

Your comment about "leaving Fiji to Fijians" is also disrespectful because it clearly excludes ethnic Fijians who support the Government and all other Fiji citizens.

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