Rinakama Seen in Downtown Suva

This comment  is from "The Max."  I'd be pleased to learn of any more "sightings." If Max is not  mistaken, why hasn't Rinakama or the SDL not admitted he is no longer being held by the RFMF. 
Postscript. It now has. Rinakama is alive and well and was released from detention on March 10. See later postings.

TheMax said...
" Hi Croz,
I just noticed you still have the Peceli Rinakama missing story on your page when I surfed your blog today. I just wanted to put the matter to rest.

Last Saturday, I was standing near a church in downtown Suva and saw Mr Rinakama crossing the street just in front of me. He actually looked well wearing a pair of shorts, canvas/sneaker and a nice jersey (I think it was a Fiji Rugby souvenir jersey, must have worn the jesrsey in support of the Fiji 7s team).

I was even surprised to see him looking well and good considering I've been reading so much negative news about his arrest on the different blogs.

So please end this rumour mongering and let's move on. I'm pretty sure Mr Rinakama must have joined the RFMF guys at Nabua for a grog session after his "arrest" from the Qaranivalu's residence weeks ago.

BTW, you've been doing a good job. Keep it up and just like the passing of the health care bill in the United States congress yesterday, the naysayers will continue to lie about everything done to make lives better because they can't look beyond the tip of their ugly noses. Their narrow-mindedness stinks like the Kinoya sewerage treatment plant I get depressed reading their comments. I've decided to stop going to there sites."


Anonymous said…
@ the max, thank you my friend on Mr Rinakama!sa dua na ka na levu ni avorosa e tu vei ira na bloggerrs particulaly on matavuvale!!! gosh!!! all sorts of stories that he must have died, beatings, touture etc! na kau benu wavoki! a pity such grown up adults and have minds of a 4 yr old!! I suspect it's senility!!!

TheMax said…
@ Ranadi

When I saw Mr Rinakama crossing the street with other pedestrians last Saturday, I was really surprised to see him looking well and fine contrary to what we have been made to believe.

I used to visit the matavuvale.com site three/four years ago and early this year I decided to have a look again. To my utter surprise, the blog has completely changed from what it was before. Today it is an SDL propaganda machine full of the garbage Mere Samisoni is trying to ram through the minds of the sheeple who congregate there to whine.
Anonymous said…
His family has no idea where he is and he never returned home.

Anonymous said…

why is the family not coming out publicly? his wife? kids? certainly not the bloggers! who are creating a mountain from a molehill!!!

TheMax said…
@ Anonymous

Really? So who was the person I saw on Saturday walking along Mark Street in Suva? I know I couldn't be mistaken because I happen to know what he looks like. Besides that, I know his daughter personally and 3 of his sons are former schoolmates of mine.
Anonymous said…
@Marta , do you work for Suva City Council Garbage Truck?? driver perhaps????......where do u live??? Lami dump????

Looking for Rinakama said…
Surely if Rinakama is free, there'll be more sightings. At the moment, we only have TheMax. It all seems a bit strange if his family says he's still AWOL. But maybe he's just done a "runner" on them. Wouldn't be the first time.
Desperately seeking Rinakama said…
I'm not suggesting TheMax didn't see Rinakama, but it wouldn't be the first time that a face in the crowd was mistakenly identified.

Since TheMax is a personal friend of Rinakama's daughter, it would be great if he could make a quick phone call to her to verify that her Dad's fit and well - and not in custody.
Rinakama vigil said…
The events around Rinikama might just be the catalyst we are all waiting for to bring this junta to its knees, commence international justice on regime perpetrators and begin the real clean out to free the good people of Fiji!!
The international pressure will NEVER end until this human rights abusing regime is removed and punished for its crimes against humanity.
TheMax said…
Rinakama is well and good. End all this nonsense about him missing or still in military custody because he isn't. I was standing just about 3 metres from where he was crossing and it's not a case of mistaken identity.
Anonymous said…
@rinakama vigil!! move on brother this is stale news! the fact is staring u in the face!!! he is alive & well! do u understand simple english??

Croz Walsh said…
@The Max. I'm not doubting you either but the situation is strange, especially when one of my contacts reports a governnment stone wall to his questions. Why don't you ring his daughter, as suggested.

@ Rinakama vigil. Dream on.
Anonymous said…
Look, what TheMax saw crossing Marks Street was in fact a Giant African Snail that had escaped from Suva wharf. This thing looks just like Rinakima and has similar characteristics. They are both slimy parasites, prolific breeders with both male and female genitals.

Lets face it, we all make mistakes. It was a case of mistaken identity. I once saw a werewolf in London. He was looking for a place called Li How Fook to order a dish of beef chow mein.

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