Rinakama in 'Good Health'- Why Did We Not Know Before?

 Blog Coupfourpointfive released this statement citing SDL sources today, preceded by a post that details the charges against him. Rinakama is free and in good health, and has been for quite a while.

My opinion is that that the SDL and Rinakama have deliberately delayed news of his release because they wanted people to think he was still under arrest or dead. This in my books is a sin of omission. The blog posting, however, attracted a comment that it was the "junta" that let the story fester. This is not true. A police spokesman reported his release of 22 March but none of those who had commented on the detention believed him.

The blog comment went on: "it was to the junta's advantage to fuel people's imagination and fear by speculating and allowing them to conjure up all sorts of horrific images Rinakama may have undergone - if only to deter the aggrieved masses and keep them at bay." This is nonsense. Nothing of Rinakama's detention appeared in the local media. Had the government wished to intimidate the public, they would have made sure everyone knew of the detention. The only people who could possibly benefit from keeping his release under wraps were those who oppose government. And it is to their discredit that they did so.

But once again this incident illustrates how much government needs better PR.


Proud fijian said…
Croz according to Coupfourpointfive they obtained the Disclosure Certificate showing he was released more than 2 weeks ago instead of the 22nd of March.

The question would be when they got this certificate and then finally released it today.

He was in custody from 9th March to 10th March according to the site.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Thanks Proud Fijian, I only skimmed the blog post. My 22 March was a newspaper article. If he was only detained for two days, this makes the SDL and his non-disclosure even more untruthful. See my comment about sins of omission.
SDL liars said…
Once again, this shows the utter desperation of the SDL and its shabby band of followers. The more it dawns on them that all is lost, the more lies they tell.
Anonymous said…
typical SDL followers, another of their conniving tactics to make the IG look bad!majority of Fiji people now realise what they really stood for! greed, corruption and racism!!!!

Anonymous said…
IF he was released on the 10th and the state only made an announcement on the 22 their omission is as bad as the SDL. They may not have had an ulterior motive but they showed lack of judgement in allowing the story to run for nearly another 2 weeks.
TheMax said…
@ Cros

Can we move on now? What's funny is that I'm in Suva and actually saw Mr Rinakama whereas most of you people are not here and are only relying on blog news and online reports on the whereabout of the person.

Mr Rinakama was not even arrested but only questioned and released by the Fiji Police. All other news about him missing for a few days are made up.

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