Fiji Assassination Plot: Photos of Those Found Guilty

Naitasiri high chief Ratu Inkoke Takiveikata is escorted to the police bus after receiving a jail sentence of 7 years. The other seven accused also got jail time by Justice Paul Madigan. (1. Sivianiolo Naulago- 7 years, 2. Faeko Gadekibau-5.5 years, 3. Kaminieli Vosavere- 4 years, 4.Eparama Waqatairewa-3 years, 5.Pauliasi Namulo-3 years, 6.Barbados Mills-6.5 years,7. Metuisela Mua-3.5 years. --Fiji Live.

Lawyers for the eight men sentenced today for conspiring to kill Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said they will appeal the prison terms dished out today by Fiji’s High Court.Suva lawyer Akuila Naco told Fijilive they will take a two-week break after a hectic four weeks of court appearances.“We will appeal to the Court of Appeal after two weeks,”

It would appear from this statement  that the verdict will not be appealed, which I find surprising.


joe said…
Forget about the appeal fellas, invest your resources in getting ballu charged. This pig ditched his mates and got out thru the back door because he has the means. A 14 yr sentence is awaiting him in Fiji. Ballu is the master planner. How can he get a permanent stay order for a crime of such magnitude? His QC and Justice Bruce should be investigated and audited.
MJ said…
Yes, if Ballu was also on trial he would also have been found guilty. The evidence was pretty clear. However, the fact that he wont be tried is a testament to the independence of the judiciary in Fiji. The government knew he was guilty due to Kuli and co, but still obeyed the ruling of the court. I also think it was good for Fiji that the court let him go. The military/police did not follow due process, and were pulled up by the justice system.
joe said…
Ballu cant get away with this, something has to be done about it. This is another one of those scenarios where the wealthy exploit the unsuspecting employee, only to ditch them and run when the going gets tough. This is also a form of corruption, and should be under FICAC.
Anonymous said…
Beating up Ballu has made it impossible to have him extradited as he has proof his life is at risk in Fiji. No NZ judge will issue the papers. Franks boys have guaranteed his immunity from prosecution with their stupid and uncalled for actions at his arrest.


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