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Fiji Day Advert

While reading the newspapers I came a cross a full page advertisement  about putting down a love and flying a Fiji flag. I just had to smile when I saw what was advertised. It had chicken, sausages, tomato sauce, soya sauce, garlic, dalo, onions and all other ingredients that went into a lovo.

Then it advertised wine and of course our beloved Fiji Beer and in one corner it had tissue paper, and I said to myself, “That’s everything a family would need fast food, drinks and tissue paper  when the food returns.  

Student Issues

One way to curb the trouble between the two Suva secondary schools that made the news recently is to pass a by-law that no school student is to be seen in town after 5 pm. Teachers could help  police  in the town area to make sure the students go straight home instead of visiting  internet cafes  or just hanging around in town.

Students would be given one month to get used to this rule and will then be given written warnings, like when a driver is booked. After one month any student caught in town without legitimate reason would be taken to the police station, booked and face disciplinary action.

In the meantime, I suggest to the two schools meet and solve things in the traditional manner, for obvious reasons. And the parents must be involved.

When there are signs that students understand just how seriously the public are about their bad behaviour, the rule  could be lifted with the warning that further bad behaviour would result in its immediate re-imposition. 


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