9 September. Most discussion this Sunday was about climate change with Minister James Shaw proposing a climate change institute and commissioner. National's Todd  Muller thought the Greens were moving too fast. Innovation was needed to increase production and decrease emissions. Andrew Hoggard (Federated Farmers) said most farmers don't know their emission rates. Josie Pagini (Council for International Development) asked how methane, a short-duration  gas, was to be treated, and suggested the target should be 22% reduction, not zero. John Tamihere wanted predictability and evidence-based policies. He thought the cost of transition should be partly funded to protect the poor. On youth rates and unemployment, Willie Jackson (Labour) wanted targeted progress, and pointed to greater spending on infrastructure and the regions increasing employment.  

2 Sept. Good Q+A with Finance Minister Grant Robertson on transport, petrol tax, business confidence, Shane Jones and the Tax working Group that reports this Thursday, and Helen Clark on crime reform, drugs, refugees and business confidence, chaired well as usual by Corin Dann with comments from political scientist Prof Jennifer Curtin, economist Shamubeel Eaqub and business commentator Fran O'Sullivan.  You can still see it -- without the ads! --  on TVOneNews online on your cellphone.

31 August. Last Sunday was fine, and Bryce good, but I hope there's a return this Sunday to the normal panel of four.. 

17 August 2018.
This evening's session featured Labour's Andrew Little on prison and related reforms with comments from Maxine Gay, Justice Advocate, Sonny Karshal , Crime Prevention Group, Prof Jennifer Curtain, Political Scientist, and Maori Party Co-Leader Marama Fox. Apparently, 60% re-offend. Three strikes not working and other policies not working. There was also an item on the Greens AGM with James Shaw and Marama Davidson talking, and a video flashback to the early Greens.  Search for it on

12 August 2018.
This evening's session featured NZ Opposition leader Simon Brides (could threaten university grants if free speech limited, we've more multi- than bi-cultural, Maori parliamentary seats on way out), Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr (doesn't heed business confidence polls, economy doing fine), Wednesday's primary teacher strike (Government wage offer too low), US asylum volunteers (A mother used Facebook to help reunite mothers and their children, and the idea too off!), and more. Did you know inflation was at 19% in 1987 under Labour? National said it was due to failed government policy, but it was about the same as it had been under National!  Watch it on NZTV1 on your  computer or mobile. and then search.


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This is the time to bring Fiji back to constitutionalism where it rightly belongs. Break away from19th century's imposed racialism from the colonist. Great Britian's renewed interest in assisting Fiji is welcome if electoral reform reflects 21century values of liberal democracy and nothing less is demanded.