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NEW. Smartphone and iPad users.  Having difficulty seeing photos, maps and tables but you can see an empty rectangle where they should be?  Press and hold the empty rectangle, and the illustration will appear in another window.  And then go back to the posting, and repeat if more than one illustration.  It's a little clumsy, but it worked on my smartphone. 

NEW. Hover your mouse at the top left of the page to see concealed "Pages" and at the right margin of the page to see "Subscribe" and other items on the right side bar.
Click on each posting to see the full posting and then click on comments at the bottom to read them.

Hover your mouse over each posting to see the  number of comments  in a grey box top right.

You can also use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to scroll to other postings.
Zoom in and out. Press CTRL and + or - to enlarge or reduce.

►See and use Search facility at top right. 
Hover your cursor on right sidebar for archives, followers and more. ► Click on the posting you want. ►At the top: to scroll to other postings. Click X to return to main page. ►At the bottom: Click COMMENTS to see and add  comments.  Send posting to Tweet or Facebook, or Q+ to recommend the site on Google Search and Google +.

Please report reception problems to me at or ASAP.  Vinaka. 


Click HOME at the bottom to return to the main page.

SEEING THE BLOG DIFFERENTLY.  I have set it on Magazine (see page above).  If you do not like this format, try the others by clicking the down arrow nest to Magazine.

COMMENT LENGTH.  Blogspot puts a limit of 4,096 characters on individual comments.   If this is not enough, you may split your long comment into parts and post them.
COMMENT INSTRUCTIONS. Names or pseudonyms preferred (see next item). Offensive comments,  comments that attack the person and not the argument,and comments that are irrelevant, repetitive  or unhelpful to further discussion will be DELETED. All original, substantive, genuine comments — of all political persuasions — will be published if they follow these rules. 

NEW.  TO READ AND ADD COMMENTS.  Click on "Comments" at the bottom of the post. To post the comment, go to "Comment as", click the down arrow and select "Name/URL". Write your real name or a psuedonym.  Please DO NOT USE THE ANONYMOUS TAG.

Click in side column or main page. Scroll up or down.  

Full Screen toggle Press F11. 
Zoom. To zoom in/out, press CTRL + orf Ctrl -simultaneously. Repeat if necessary.
Enlarge photos, maps, etc. Click on item.


TO RECOMMEND SITE TO OTHERS.  Click on Q+, Twitter or Facebook icons.

There are several ways to receive or receive reminders of new postings:
Hover your mouse at the right of the page to show the right side bar. Select Subscribe by Email, Subscribe to (Google, Facebook, etc.), Twitter. Become a
Follower. See "How to Help" Tab.
You can also save the blogsite as a Bookmark in Firefox (Ctrl-b) or a Favourites in Internet Explorer.

Click HOME to return to the main page.

PLEASE USE and CONTRIBUTE, SUPPORT and SHARE. (1) USE by Commenting (below),  (2) SUPPORT,  anonymously or openly, with"Subscribe" or by joining  "Followers" (right side bar); and (3) SHARE this posting with others. Just hover your mouse on share buttons, click Email, Blog this!, Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz.  Vinaka.  

Support the Readership Drive by SHARING, FOLLOWING, SUBSCRIBING (see  below). TARGET:  3,000 readers a week. At present there are about 2,200.

If you wish to help the blog, you may do so in several ways, the most important of which are recommending it to your friends and receiving automatic updates to postings.

There are several ways to receive or receive reminders of new postings (see left side column): Subscribe by Email, Subscribe to (Google, Facebook, etc.), Twitter, Technorati, Atom.
 You can also save the blogsite as a Bookmark in Firefox (Ctrl-b) or a Favourites in Internet Explorer.
I urge you to become to use one or more of these tools and also to become a Follower. 

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