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Unwise and Unnecessary Suspension of the NFP

I agree with law professor  Bill Hodge. The suspension of the NFP is "a major punishment for a minor infringement."  The Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem also seems to have exceeded his authority and this inevitably reflects badly on Government.  One hopes the Solicitor-General will act swiftly and wisely to resolve an issue that could so easily have been avoided. -- Croz Fate of MPs Nasik Swami
Thursday, February 04, 2016 SPEAKER Dr Jiko Luveni has sought the advice of the Solicitor General's Office on whether the three parliamentarians of the suspended National Federation Party can attend the Parliament session next Monday. "We are waiting for a legal opinion and we will wait to see what the legal people will have to say," Dr Luveni said. She said Parliament sought advice as the decision to suspend the NFP was made outside of Parliament. "This is why we are seeking legal opinion because the ruling was made outside of Parliament. If it was m…