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Human Rights and Wrongs in Fiji

Today, December 10th, is International Human Rights Day and a time to reflect on the status of human rights world-wide and in Fiji.
A recent Radio NZ International broadcast1on a claim of torture by Lautoka lawyer Aman Ravindra-Singh is a good starting point for reflection because it raises not one but four important questions: 1) the role of RNZI in reporting news from Fiji; 2) the lawyer's claims, motives and credibility; 3) the ongoing saga of human rights abuse claims against the Fiji police and military; and 4) the role of the Fiji First Government in relation to its domestic and international obligations on human rights. I'll take one at a time.
1. RNZI reports on Fiji.
This is not the first time the state-owned and taxpayer funded broadcaster has taken a less than objective stance on the Fiji political scene. I don't know who called who, Singh or the broadcaster, but responsible journalism required accuracy in publishing Singh's comments; an opportunity for…