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Prof David Robie: an Interview on "Good Journalism" and a paper on Implications of the Digital Revolution

The essential role of democracy's fourth estate, free, responsible journalism (and the difficulty of balancing these two elements) has been a recurring theme on this blog, particularly as it applies to Fiji.   Here Prof David Robie reflects on the challenges facing "good journalism" in New Zealand and the Pacific. 

A hyperlink to his recent address "The Digital Revolution, a Free Press and Student Journalism" at USP's 21st Anniversary Journalism Awards ceremony is provided at the end of the article -- Croz 
AUDIO: What does good journalism mean? Lisa Er talks to David Robie

Green Planet FM's Lisa Er talks to Pacific Media Centre's David Robie
on the state of the media in NZ and the Asia-Pacific region.

Thursday, November 5, 2015 Item: 9472 Lisa Er

INTERVIEW: AUCKLAND (Green Planet FM / Pacific Media Watch): Freedom of the press describes the r…