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Ratu Epeli and Biman Prasad on Unity

President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau yesterday warned MPs that if they failed to condemn assaults on democracy “it will cast doubts upon you.”

Ratu Epeli said: “It will cast doubts about whether you believe in and truly subscribe to the fundamental democratic principles upon which our modern nation state is founded upon.”

He made the remarks in his speech at the ceremonial opening of the 2015-2016 parliamentary year in Suva yesterday.

He said attempts to form a separate  so-called Christian state “cannot be condoned under any circumstances.

“Such actions must be publicly condemned, in particular given our political history, in no uncertain terms,” he said.

He said they must be emphatically condemned by all those who truly adhered to and believed in the democratic principles upon which our Government, this Parliament and our new Fijian State was built upon.

None of the Opposition parties has  come out to strongly and openly condemn the attempts to form a Christian state. Some Opposition MPs showe…