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A Different View on Chinese Aid

China’s emergence as a development leader: a historical perspective By  on July 10, 2015 The signing of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) agreement last week at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing by 50 countries led by Australia (by virtue of its place in the alphabet), is reminiscent of tributes being paid by tributary states to the Middle Kingdom of the ancient world. I would argue that this is the latest step in the re-emergence of the ‘Middle Kingdom’ as a world power, not only economically and militarily, but also in the development space. China’s rapid growth in providing development funding in general through the 2000s, and the AIIB in particular, represents a clear shift away from a unipolar world that emerged in 1989 at the end of the Cold War and the so-called Washington Consensus on foreign aid. This process of China’s increasing role in international development has a very long history.Heinz Arndt (1987) notes that Sun Yat Sen in 1918 was pr…

Wage Increases: Good But Not Enough

National economic policies,  based on the assumed paramount importance of growth (and not on sustainable growth and the fair distribution of its benefits) have resulted  in the increase of economic inequality in most countries.  The rich have become richer and the poor  poorer. In this article, long time advocate for the poor Fr Kevin Barr writes about \wages and Government policies in Fiji-- Croz

By Fr. Kevin Barr
03 July 2015h

Much publicity was given to the recent wage increases for our workers.  But let us be very honest about the National Minimum Wage and the other small wage increases published in the last few days.
Over a year ago Dr Mahendra Reddy (after extensive research) proposed that the National Minimum Wage should begin at the rate of $2.32 an hour and be regularly increased each year. Mr Hazelman (representing the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation) announced publicly that the Federation had intervened with government to have the National Minimum Wage reduced to $2.00 a…