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The Constitutional Offices Commission

The Constitutional Offices Commission (‘Commission’) held its first meeting today at Level 9, Suvavou House in Suva.
The Commission established under section 132 of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji is responsible for providing advice to the President for the appointment the following Constitutional Offices:
(a)the chairperson and the members of the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination  Commission; (b)the chairperson and the members of the Electoral Commission; (c)Supervisor of Elections; (d)Secretary-General to Parliament; (e)the chairperson and the members of the Public Service Commission; (f)Commissioner of Police; (g) Commissioner of the Fiji Corrections Service; (h)Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces; (i)Auditor-General; and (j)Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji. The Commission consists of the following members: (a)the Prime Minister, who is also the Chairperson; (b)The Attorney-General;

Government Does Not Understand What Makes Good Academics Tick: Permanent Banns on Brij and Padma Lal

Every person's upbringing, training and life experience leads them to behave in different ways from other people. Military people value discipline and obedience. Academics favour independent thought. The Lals were not opposing democracy. They are in a far more principled position than the likes of Michael Field who also is permanently banned from entering Fiji.

They were expressing a view shared by many about the legality of the Bainimarama takeover in 2006.  It was not a position with which I agreed but as an academic my training and experience demands that I respect their opinion.  Government's decision shows a regrettable shortcoming in its post election leadership and a total ignorance of the intellectual qualities required of those filling academic positions in a democratic society. It also deprives universities in Fiji of  the assistance the Lal's  could offer to their staff and students in Fiji and in Australia.  Six months on when the issue has cooled, I would hope…
Observer group makes recommendations and observations on media
Fiji Village. Tuesday, 14/04/2015

The Multinational Observer Group, co‑led by Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and India, has recommended in its final report on the 2014 General Elections that political party identification should be included on the National Candidates List. The report also stated that consideration should be given to reducing requirements for party registration and activities. It further said that public office holders, including trade union officers, should be allowed to be political party members. They also recommended that the Public Order (Amendment) Decree should be revised to allow groups, including political parties, to gather without requiring a permit. It also said that the national candidate numbers should be drawn earlier, to allow parties sufficient time to publicise these ahead of prepolling. The Multinational Observer Group said that the effectiveness of the media to provide informed ch…