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Questions about Education Resignations

STOP PRESS. Mrs Kumar's letter to Col.Tikoduadua added at the end.

 It's difficult (if not impossible from New Zealand) to determine the 'real' reasons for the flood of accusations, resignations and calls for resignations currently besetting Fiji but with the local media now reporting different interpretations, the Fiji public is in a slightly better position to make up its own mind from the information reported.

This, and other overseas based, blogs, no longer need to report such controversial matters.  I think their most useful role now would be to publish informed, fair minded, balanced assessments of the 'news' published by the media: the sort of thing written by the likes of Victor Lal in Fiji Leaks and Waden Narsey on his webpage but with more objectivity and  no political point scoring.  Ideally, of course, the lead should come from  investigative journalism by the mainstream media but for the present  few local journalists have the knowledge and skills …