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Ban Plastic Bags

This is from the ABC News on the Internet:

California lawmakers have approved a measure that would make the state the first to impose a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

Senators who had previously opposed the bill, including incoming Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a Los Angeles Democrat, this time supported the measure after protections were added for plastic bag manufacturers.

It includes $2 million in loans to help manufacturers shift to producing reusable bags and lets grocers charge 10 cents each for paper and reusable bags.

The bill had sparked one of the most contentious debates in the last weeks of the legislative session, with aggressive lobbying by environmentalists and bag manufacturers.

For years, a statewide plastic bag ban has been an elusive goal for lawmakers trying to reduce the buildup of plastic waste in oceans and waterways that costs millions of dollars to cleanup. About 100 local jurisdictions in California already have adopted si…
Have a good look at the graph.  It shows an effect of the "coup culture" that few have mentioned. They prefer to talk about the restrictions on their freedom of expression, ignoring the impact on the basic, livelihood freedoms of Indo-Fijian cane farmers whose leases were not renewed, sometimes, believe it or not, at the suggestion of NLTB officials who assured the Taukei owners the Qarase government would pick up the tabs for their loss of rental money.

Click forward. The Fiji Sun reported that over 6,000 leases have been renewed since the Bainimarama coup.  No other Fiji paper, and no Government opponent,  thought this information was worth reporting, but they continued to report and protest their lack of  freedom.   True democrats believe that freedom comes with responsibility, including the responsibility for the less fortunate.

Earlier in the week I indicated that I was uncertain whether or not to continue publishing the blog.  My feeling was that it had served its pu…

Fiji Attracts Old Friends as China's Clout Grows

Fiji attracts old friends as China’s clout grows By Online Editor
4:18 pm GMT+12, 30/10/2014, Fiji After Vote, Western Nations Lift Sanctions That Had Let Beijing Establish a Foothold

By Lucy Craymer

Western nations are moving to rebuild relations with Fiji as another regional power has claimed a bigger role in the picturesque island nation: China.

The U.S. told The Wall Street Journal Thursday that it was lifting sanctions it had placed on Fiji after a military coup in 2006 and indicated it would look at ways to work with Fiji’s military again. The move comes after Fiji held democratic elections last month and follows a similar easing by New Zealand and Australia.

When the West scaled back direct government funding eight years ago after the coup overthrew Fiji’s elected government, Asia’s biggest economy stepped up its aid and investment to fill the gap.

China bankrolled several sports complexes and supported a $158 million hydroelectric-power project after the World Bank put f…

Q & A at the UN Human Rights Review

FIJI: Chief justice blames ‘cultural misconception’ over brutality concerns
The UN Human Rights Council in session in Geneva. Image: UN Monday, November 3, 2014 Item: 9041 Sally Round of Radio New Zealand International

WELLINGTON (Radio New Zealand International/Pacific Scoop/Pacific Media Watch): Senior judicial figures from Fiji have told a United Nations gathering in Switzerland the country is addressing concerns about police brutality. Fiji has been undergoing an examination of its human rights record under the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review. Fiji’s Chief Justice Anthony Gates gave some frank testimony at the session at the UN’s European Headquarters, saying the courts in Fiji wasted much time having to resolve whether confessions in police custody had been given voluntarily. He said the problem was due to what he called a “cultural …