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News, Thoughts, Appeals and a Congratulations at the End of October

Quid pro quo
 The PM's gaffe has titillated the news waves. He said he saw no reason to give development priority to the Northern division where so many people had voted for SODELPA.

I can understand how he feels. Government has poured development money into the Northern Division at a level not matched by previous governments. But no one, and certainly no prime minister,  should say this sort of thing.

But that, unfortunately, is the PM's style. Fortunately, his bark is far worse than his bite and his advisers will ensure that all development initiatives are fairly distributed irrespective of how people in an area have voted.

The UN Human Rights Council 
The review of Fiji's standing by the UN Human Rights Council has produced two critical statements, the first by Media Development  Authority  Chairman  Ashwin Raj that accused international media of bias in reporting the Fiji elections; the second by Reporters Sans Frontières and the Pacific Media Centre that called for the…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

My New Business

I am seriously going to set up a business.

It will be  a bank where no fees are charged for deposits, transfers or withdrawals. No fees for any other transactions.

My bank will be called the Daylight Savings Bank Incorporated.

During the daylight savings period, anyone who wants to save their one hour of daylight can do so. It can then be withdrawn when they want to. But it can't be used to take off early from work or school.

It can only be withdrawn for sports and social activities. Especially for men who have to go home early because they are on a curfew.

Wise, Reddy and Emil may want to deposit a lot. But I can only approve it if their better half gives the approval.

Hehe, Daylight Savings Bank Incorporated. Heck of an idea eh.

Daylight Saving 2014Don't forget to put your clock one hour forward on Sunday night, 2 November, and one hour back at the end of daylight saving on Sunday January 19, 2015.
Abuse of Public Funds

While reading about the wide abuse of pub…