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Diwali. Claims on Poverty, the Audit Reviews, Examination Scaling and Indigenous Rights

THE SPIRIT OF DIWALI. Disadvantaged children and senior citizens in residential homes have received Diwali Treat Packs donated by Fiji's industrial giant Punja and Sons. The packs were distributed by the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation. Minister Rosy Akbar said the donations will boost the Ministry’s efforts in its outreach programmes. In thanking Punja, the Minister acknowledged the "well-established relationship with a truly private-public partnership sector.”

AKBAR TAKES PRASAD TO TASK OVER POVERTY CLAIMS. Minister Akbar has  appealed to politicians not to use the poor to score political points and asked that all parties support the Government's comprehensive measures to alleviate poverty rather than using disadvantaged Fijians as a political football.

She said she was especially disappointed at  NFP leader Dr Biman Prasad who seemed determined to lay the blame for poverty in Fiji at the Government's feet. "During the election campaign, an N…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Diwali Invitation
I was invited to a company Diwali celebration held in Lautoka. It was so nice to see all the staff having lunch together. It likened the scene to a family gathering, a large family.

We had entertainment, nice food, soft drinks, sweets and because there are so many subsidiary companies and the staffing so big they got to meet each other.

Then there were prizes for the best dressed men and women and it was nice to see non Hindus dressed elegantly in Indian traditional costumes and winning prizes. Some organisations, when having large number of employees simply have section parties. Why not have one huge gathering so that staff get to meet each other and executives don't have to make excuses because they can't attend all the section parties. The different sections can take responsibilities and cook one pot each. Having company socials or lunches is a good team building exercise. try in in your work place and see the difference.And just have the C…

Taukei to the Core: a Personal Story

Pio Tikoduadua says he is a proud iTaukei, a living example of why the Opposition, is fundamentally wrong in its claims. The Leader of Government business and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport said in his right of reply and maiden speech in Parliament yesterday that he came from a humble beginning.

“I certainly started out as disadvantaged like tens of thousands of Fijians of all backgrounds. But with hard work and determination – and not some accident of birth - I have fought my way up and earned the privilege of serving my country at the highest levels of Government,” he said.

“My own experience has taught me that we iTaukei don’t need more advantages than other Fijians. We already have them by having the most important assets in Fiji – our people and our land.

“Some people opposite argue that iTaukei land is sacred. I agree with that premise because I share their view that land is a creation of God.

“But God’s intentions tells us that it is only sacred if it is u…

One Week On

The first parliamentary session saw Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, as promised,  present the Attorney-General's reports from 2007 to 2013 and the nomination by the  Opposition of NFP's Dr Biman Prasad as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee that will vet the reports. I would expect Biman to do a very thorough job and avoid point scoring in this role.

The Opposition also announced its shadow ministers, with Biman shadowing the A-G.

On the sidelines, an announcement that Mick Beddoes is to head Ro Teimimu's office  was something of a surprise because of deserving others who were overlooked and because of the disastrous advice Mick offered SODELPA during the election campaign.  But he is coherent and fluent in English which should help the the party leader in and outside the House.

Opposition maiden speeches
For the most part the reported maiden speeches of the Opposition covered old ground: the perceived threats to Taukei land and rights and the need to amend the Constitution.  …