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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Keep it Sacred
Listening to the first maiden speeches I can gather that it will soon gear towards a circus. Please keep the august house sacred.

Offices Closed
Before the general elections political parties had offices almost everywhere in the country. They have all closed down.

Don't you need us anymore?

Need for a Language Upgrade?
A news item said that all MPs would be getting a "tablet" each.

How would we translate this in to the iTaukei language?
I know what my bubu, (God rest her soul) would have said, "Se bera mada ga ni tekivu na palimedi, sa soli tale vei ira na tablet, e cava, sa mosi na uludra tou?"
(Parliament hasn't started, and they will be given a tablet each.  Do they already have headaches?"

Memory Tree
The sekoula tree is gone. Gone with it are so many memories. If the tree could talk many of us would be in jail or divorced.
Anyway, I thank the authorities for the explanation and yes lets plant 1,000 trees around Lautoka.

The Sekoula tree…

Balancing Fair Parliamentary Salaries and the Need for Quality Leadership

Opinion by Crosbie Walsh

I'm still scratching my head over the announced parliamentary salaries, wondering why they were decreed before Parliament sat, how they were determined, and how they can be explained or justified. Price Waterhouse may have made the recommendations but an elected Government is under no obligation to accept them unamended. 

The Parliamentary Remuneration Decree fixes salaries until they are changed by a parliamentary resolution that must take into account prevailing economic conditions based on evidence from an authoritative source and may set a lower remuneration level. But couldn't the old rates have been paid until, as NFP party leader Dr BimanPrasad, asked, a parliamentary select committee decided on appropriate new rates?
Prior to the election, Government said it intended to attract high quality candidates by paying attractive MP salaries. More generally, it talked of the need to reduce income inequalities and leading by example. The parliamentary …