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Government Vehicles

So some government vehicle drives still think they are exempt from road rules.

I have some advice - each driver must have at least 10 years driving experience before he or she can  be given authorisation to drive a government vehicle. They must undergo a defensive driving course that they will pay for. They must have no previous record of accidents.

Each morning the driver together with the officer in-charge will inspect the vehicle for dents, when the driver returns in the afternoon the office in charge will inspect the  vehicle, and damages will be noted and if it is established that it was from neglect, the driver will pay for the repairs. No excuses.

Just compare our government vehicles with private company vehicles and you will see the difference. And just have a look at the Public Works Department yards all over Fiji  and you will see all the old vehicles that could have been looked after a little better but are now junks rotting away.

We need to put our foot…

Fiji Day: President's Address to the Nation

HIS EXCELLENCY RATU EPELI NAILATIKAU CF, KStJ, LVO, OBE (Mil), CSM, MSD President of the Republic of Fiji ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIJI DAY ADDRESS TO THE NATION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- State House                                                                                                                                                     Thursday, 9th October, 2014 SUVA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Fiji Day: Many Ethnicities, One People, One Nation

Everything about the opening of Parliament, from the President's Guard of Honour to the new parliamentary chamber and the President's address, was impressive. Who could not be stirred?   Eight years in the making and all the promise of the future;   a united nation, at peace with itself;  a nation of changed mindsets, with people thinking beyond their own narrow, parochial  interests;  a nation  joining hands,  across all political allegiances, working together to move our beloved nation forward.  These were the words of the President.

But he also warned that if politicians and the people generally did not work together, it would be to Fiji's "ultimate peril as a nation-state."

He could have been referring to  petty and major differences within parliament, laxity in the workforce or a failure to reduce economic or regional inequalities, and he probably had these things in mind, but I think he was mainly referring to the far deeper unspoken ethnic division that ca…

News and comments for Wednesday 8 October 2014

LAW SOCIETY CONCERNS. The Fiji Law Society is up and running again and among its plans for the future are taking concerns about certain decrees to the government. The Society was weakened in 2009 when the previous government took away its role issuing law practising certificates and dealing with disciplinary matters meaning a vital loss of funds.

The society’s new President Peter Knight says it will try to boost membership, improve relations with the government and get it to look at some important decrees.

There were a number of pieces of legislation that were passed during the interim period which were of some concern to the legal profession which denied the right to challenge in the court the decisions that were made by the executive.

Mr Knight says it is unlikely the Law Society will be given back its role as the issuer of practising certificates at this point in time but he is hopeful  it will get a voice on the Judicial Services Commission which is responsible for the efficient f…

The President's Speech and Photos

The President's speech in full.  Click here

Photos of the Guard of Honour.  Click here.

Photos inside Parliament.  Click here.

The New Parliament and the Relevance of the NZ Election

The Budget Forum has been and gone  Over 200 "stakeholders:" took part in the discussion which was judged a success but the only political party present was the FLP.

Biman Prasad send an apology and some ideas for discussion. Ro Teimumu did not even have the courtesy to reply to the invitation.  Not a good start for an reasoned, inclusive parliament which held its first session today. Government and the opposition parties would do well to take a leaf out of the book of NZ's John Key, but more of this below.

The New Parliament

FIJI HAS ITS FIRST WOMAN SPEAKER. Parliament unanimously elected Dr Jiko Luveni as Speaker. Two nominations were received for the position of Deputy Speaker. Ruveni Nadobe Nadalo, the Government nominee, was elected with 32 votes, beating the Opposition nominee Ratu Viliame Tagivetau with 18 votes.


For the origin of the tradition, click here. Other photos may be seen on the MOI Facebook site.  Click here.