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Parliament Opening Live on Internet, Monday 10am

Parliament is to be streamed live on the Internet when it convenes on Monday for the first time in the refurbished Chamber in Government Buildings.

The proceedings can be seen on the following link:

This is an addition to the streaming available at Connect Fiji's myconnect homepage -

Both sites will go "live" on Monday morning in time for the historic official Swearing In Ceremony for new MPs at 1000.

The Minister for Communications, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said the live streaming would give Fijians an unprecedented level of access to the proceedings of Parliament and set new levels of transparency.
" And, of course, it makes MPs more accountable. Standards of behaviour in the Chamber are bound to be kept high if our elected representatives know they are being watched by the people who sent them there", he said.

The Minister said hosting the proceedings on two websites should avoid any problems with connectivity.

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Vaccinate Our Flight Attendants

A report (F/T 25/9) says that .. The Ministry of Health is setting up an evolving multi-agency emergency contingency plan that will be implemented and used by the Border Control Unit at the Nadi and Nausori airports, and the Suva and Lautoka seaports in its bid to prevent the Ebola disease from entering Fiji. This is a positive move.

Just to add strength to this, please think of our other Customs ports - Savusavu, Rotuma and Levuka, private yachts also go there.

Furthermore a web site says ... "It could be the stuff of science fiction - a deadly disease that threatens the human race. Ebola in West Africa isn't yet on that blockbuster scale, but the world is beginning to worry. "

We have a group of people who go in and out of Fiji on a regular basis - our Fiji Airways flight attendants and flight crew.

Los Angeles and Hong Kong are two of Fiji Airways destinations which have flights coming in from Africa and Asian countries. How about we ta…

News and Comments for Thursday 2 October

SWAMPED BY READERS' COMMENTS. Readers are reminded that  much more attention will be given in this blog to readers' opinions and suggestions on how to take Fiji forward. The only restrictions are that readers must use their real name or a pseudonym and not engage in personal vendettas. This last week we have had comment on issues 1-5: how should the Government, SODELPA , NFP and the NGOs respond to the new political situation. I urge all readers to read them. Without wishing to single out one commentator, the opinions of "Taxi driver" take some beating.

My intention, starting tomorrow Friday or over the weekend, is to summarise the comments each week and bring them to the attention of the appropriate people.

UNCLEAR BOUNDARIES BETWEEN POLICE AND MILITARY RESPONSIBILITIES.. There have been conflicting reports on on the arrest of Bilitaki. This is my take on what happened. Josefa  Bilitaki (60) was arrested for an alleged offence of annoyance (presumably his text mess…

Another Month Starts 1.October 14

YOUR COMMENTS ARE VERY WELCOME BUT YOU MUST USE YOUR REAL NAME OR A PSEUDONYM.  It helps communication and only takes one more click on Name/URL before posting.

PM AT THE UN (AND A COMMENT BY BIMAN PRASAD). Speaking at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly in New York at the weekend, the PM said he had kept his promise to hold elections, and said Fiji would maintain its contribution to peacekeeping.   He also extended a hand of friendship to all his political opponents, calling on them to put aside their differences and work constructively to improve the lives of every Fijian when the new Parliament convenes on October 6.

WOMEN SHOW THE WAY TO GO.  Two womens' organizations, FWCC and FemLINK, have signaled their intention of working with the new Minister of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation,  Rosy Akbar. The more people who come forward to assist the various ministries, the greater the benefits for the nation.

PHOTOS OF THE CABINET.  Click this hyperlink to see photos of …