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Reactions to the Results: Opinion by Croz Walsh

Unfortunately, it had to happen but all is not lost. 

It started with Mahendra Chaudhry complaining about a minivan  showing a FijiFirst sticker during the blackout period and another alleged election breach when a disabled voter at St Joseph's in Suva was assisted by an election officer with no witness present. 

Then there were complaints that the counting had stopped when all that had stopped were the announcements,  and RadioNZI  quoted an unnamed SODELPA official saying its agents had noted anomalies in the transmission and counting of votes, and FijiLeaks claimed the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) were having "a good holiday in Fiji." 

And then someone calling himself Thakur Loha Singh on a blog said he'd heard of a polling station where the votes of relatives of a candidate mysteriously disappeared and the candidate ending up with a zero vote." He said he'd "forewarned political parties of this some time ago." Not a shred of evidence — but h…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

I've Voted

A very big thank you to the Fijian Elections office for the huge effort put in. It's not an easy task running a general elections.

To the extra staff, vinaka va levu. Excuse the people if we may have been impatient or rude.

Now we await the counting.

I hope all will accept the result.

Our Overseas Brothers and Sisters

As the general elections drew near, friends, relatives and even strangers sent me messages on Facebook asking how things were progressing.

Then on election day the messages doubled. Fijians of all ethnicities living overseas are still interested in what is going on in Fiji. Many people have unkindly said that if they had Fiji at heart, then they should return to Fiji.

Fiji cant offer all of us decent jobs and thus people leave our shores for greener pastures, a better life and education for their children.  Many people have relinquished their Fiji passports to enjoy what their new country has on offer.

Most of them still have family and friends in Fiji and thus…

Confidential Survey on You and Fiji Politics


The President's Thanksgiving Day Address

HIS EXCELLENCY RATU EPELI NAILATIKAU CF, KStJ, LVO, OBE (Mil),CSM, MSD President of the Republic of Fiji ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDRESS AT THE THANKSGIVING SERVICE FOR THE RELEASE OF OUR 45 PEACEKEEPERS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANZ Stadium 16th September, 2014 SUVA 4.35p.m. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Honourable Prime Minister, Honourable Ministers, The Representatives of the Religious Groups and Faith-Based Organizations present Your Excellencies, the Ambassadors a…

What if I'm Wrong? UPDATED.

Read this article carefully. It does NOT say I have doubts about a Bainimarama Government as some lying bloggers have said. They quote only a part and deliberately miss the main point. 

 It says that, whatever your minor
doubts may be, the ONLY CHOICE  this elections  is between—  

█ A "fairer Fiji with more assistance given to the marginalised and equal citizenship for all races" under FijiFirst 


█ A "divided Fiji where old privileges are restored and where the rights of ciizenship are influenced by race" under SODELPA.  

I am saying vote FijiFirst and don't waste your vote by voting for any any of the minor parties.  This could put the "old gang" back in power.

And before some smart opponent says I am breaking the 48 hour blackout, this is is not a new article.  It is a clarification of an already published article that opponents have deliberately distorted, and used to their advantage during the blackout period. The blogs Solivakasama, Fiji Today, F…

Haunting Memories – longing and lament for Fiji!

By Rajendra Prasad
Tragedies of life often nest within our soul and create ripples that often do not find the shore. Life ebbs and flows with the tides of hope and despair.  In this regard, it is my desire to unburden myself with the inner grief that taunts and also haunts me endlessly. 
Separation from Fiji, following the infamous military coup of May 14, 1987, is like an injury that cannot and will not heal. However, when it did happen I had absolutely no hesitation in deciding to migrate overseas. Two things guided me into this decision. Firstly, I had seen one country after another in Africa, falling prey to military rule after their independence. Secondly, the haunted looks of fear and anxiety in my children, challenged me to act with courage, wisdom and vision. It was a heart-breaking experience that I relive from time to time. I remember, one Sunday my 14-year old son, with his cousins, was picked up by the soldiers for catching prawns on a Sunday. They were admonished for breaki…