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Roundup for Friday 15 August

                    By Crosbie Walsh

I've neglected my blog postings for the past 14 days due to a holiday in Malaysia and Singapore. My ipad is not as blog publishing friendly as my notebook.   But I did manage to keep an eye open for Fiji news, as ever looking for something encouraging and useful with the elections now barely a month away.

Unfortunately, too little has changed. The political parties continue to drip feed policies and the names of candidates, alternatively agreeing and disassociating themselves with each other. The same individuals and NGOs continue to made damning statements on the lack of freedom and make dire predictions about the unfairness of an election that has not yet been held. NZ's Amnesty International repeats the old claims of the aforementioned NGO's. 

Bainimarama's New Zealand Visit

In New Zealand, AUT's Pacific Media Watch ran a heading "NZ Protesters Challenge Bainimarama's Election Visit." The Wellington DominionPost…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

They Weren't Forgotten

Just a few days ago I had written a letter not to forget small business people, and they weren't forgotten.

They are now expected to pay a $1000 stamp duty.  ABBAs song "money money money", comes to mind.

Watch our churches. Our Sunday collection will be the next target. I will make a bold statement and say it will be called Caeser's Duty.

Oilei ko Viti nikua.

By the way, what's the purpose  for Stamp Duty? FRCA you there ?


While political parties and other organizations are talking about poverty and hardships faced by the people of Fiji organisers of festivals have confidence in the people.

We see the many week-long festivals happening in the West and soon we'll have the Sugar and the Hibiscus festival.

Stalls are not cheap but there is no lack of applicants. And to top it off, we see many people at the various grounds.

On the other hand, we also see supermarkets full on paydays and then there are the second hand clothing shops. S…

Cameron Slater from Fiji

I tried, I really did try but couldn’t find a single road-block, goon squad or government censor anywhereAugust 14, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: By Cameron Slater
I have spent three days in Fiji, a short trip transiting onto my next destination.
After my interview with Voreqe Bainimarama I received emails, threats, and comments that basically said that I didn’t know what I was talking about. That Suva wasn’t safe, that there were government goon squads roaming the city setting dogs onto people and breaking up groups of five or more, and that the media were muzzled by government censors, not to mention the road blocks and general intimidation and subjugation of the general population at the point of a gun. In fact I never saw a gun, at all, and trust me as someone who is interested in such things I was looking.
Well, I can tell you that despite asking and looking for all of these things that we have been told exists by the disaffected and the complic…

Incremental Grassroots Assistance Helps Poor Help Themselves

When I published Sofaia's story three weeks ago the usual critics burst forth with comments like, "Nice smokescreen Croz. Does Sharon have any integrity left?" and  "This rubbish from the junta ministry of misinformation is beyond farcical."

Not for the first time, they had completely missed the point.  Reducing poverty requires major changes at national level such as improved access to education and work but it also needs incremental grassroots action where people are helped to help themselves.

So I have two more stories for the critics this week.

Rabi Island off SE Vanua Levu.

A $500,000 government grant will help women to establish  bee farming projects in the four villages, and other projects —coconut replanting programs, soap-making, fish farming and the construction of farm roads as well as root crops and rice farming— will also generate income.

These projects add to those already working on the island: a new virgin coconut oil factory, and a  bio-fuel fa…

Auckland Welcomes Bainimarama: 30 Protesters, Over a Thousand Supporters

Saturday 9th August. "One picture is worth a thousand words."

Sally Going Round and Round

A New Zealand journalist has just returned from reporting on the political situation in Fiji.  Now, at last, we will have an informed and independent assessment of the political situation there. No longer will we have to rely on the biases and interpretations of those sitting on opposing sides of the political divide, or put up with the 'propaganda' of the military regime.  We will hear from Government and the major political parties about what they are offering the people of Fiji when they come to vote a little more than a months time.
I think back to when I had this opportunity two  ago. I interviewed the Prime Minister, the Attorney General, three other government ministers, the head of the army, three Permanent Secretaries, the publishers and editors of the Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times, three judges, three lawyers with international reputations, a  prominent and well respected chief,  four  trade unionists, two non government organisations, and several prominent church and e…