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News and Comments Friday 18 July

SODELPA PLAYING FOOTIE. Lautoka zone Fiji Rugby League coordination Mesake Navugona has confirmed that SODELPA officials asked him to get junior club players join the SODELPA march in Lautoka last Saturday.

He told them his was a sporting body not a political party, adding that he thought the presence of League superstar Tuqiri "painted a picture that rugby league supported  SODELPA."

ANOTHER NEW PARTY. The proposed Fiji United Freedom Party is confident they have met the 5000 signature criteria set by the Fijian Elections Office to enable them to register as a political party to contest the September elections. Their earlier attempt was rejected when it was found only 3822 signatures were valid.

.  The PM said politicians should not mislead people by mixing  up the Great Council of Chiefs with our chiefs. The GCC was abolished because it had become political. The chiefs remain with their chiefly status intact, looking after their people and th…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Don't Forget ThemMany people are grateful for the things that have been provided for them by the government. Big business people enjoy tax rebates and tax exemption. When they give to charity or sports they get a tax break. Let's put it this way - they get incentives, and they thrive.

We also have small business people e.g car-wash, little canteens, carrier owners, internet shop, tyre repair, tailoring, etc who operate from home or operate and pay rent to a big business person.

I was with one such person and he always attends business meetings when they are conducted in the West to gain some advantage by meeting and talking to other business people.

At times he sees business people go forward because they have capital and also enjoy incentives from the government.

He hopes that one day someone in authority will look his way and say, "How can we help you?"

And offer him a small grant to keep him going and improve on his business. He often laments that the smal…

News and Comments Tuesday 15 July

QUOTE OF THE WEEK. "An immediate general election or a return to the pre-5 December 2006 Fiji will simply recreate the problems and the flawed system of democracy that prevailed under the Qarase government with its injustices, rampant corruption and disdain for the rule of law and the constitution" -- Mahendra Chaudhry 2007.

LARGE SODELPA RALLY IN LAUTOKA. Supporters dressed in party  t-shirts came from as far away at Sigatoka and Ra, and even two from Australia, to march down Vitoga Parade in Lautoka on Saturday.  The Fiji Australians were well-known rugby league players Lote Tuqiri and Apisai Koroisau. 

As the Fiji Times commented, " It was a rare opportunity for many people in the Western Division to catch a glimpse of rugby league superstars and former Fiji Bati reps Lote Tuqiri and Apisai Koroisau." Party leader Ro Teimumu welcomed the players and claimed party support in the West was "overwhelming." She spoke of the party being a "stabilising fo…

Sofaia's Story from $90 to $600 a Month

Sofaia's story provides another example of how several government down-to-earth initiatives are helping women lift themselves out of poverty.  Other examples include the women's resources centres, assistance with marketing and budgeting, the grandmothers trained to provide small household solar energy units, the distribution of sewing machines, and, last week, the first of the cheap, low fuel Rocket stoves that will save electricity costs and fuel woods and have a minimum environmental impact.    Some of the initiatives show the advantage of looking to rural Asia, and not the developed economies,  for low-level technologies that can be used in Fiji. A NEW BEGINNING, FROM $90 TO $600 A MONTH
The saying that “where there’s a will, there’s always a way,” has proven true for Sofaia Finau Tagi from Wainibuku Rd, 9 miles,Nakasi. Being a widow and raising 3 children on her own has not been an easy journey for Ms Tagi, however, through the government’s Welfare Graduation Programme, she …