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Putting Fiji's Economic Performance in Perspective

 Some facts and opinions by Croz Walsh
Part I. Governments, Food Prices and the Cost of Living
Opposition parties worldwide blame incumbent governments for everything that is wrong in a country and unless voters are very careful they can be easily misled. 

In a previous article, I compared Fiji and New Zealand food prices.  I did this  because Government opponents, most notably Mick Beddoes of the SODELPA party, were blaming Government, and government alone, for the high prices.  

 I was not comparing Fiji and NZ in any other way. The issue was the price of food, nothing else. I was certainly not claiming that Fijians were better off, as some readers commenting on the article claimed, and this was made quite clear in the article.The disparity in wages, social welfare and pensions is well known. The average Fijian is much worse off than their Kiwi cousins.
But, like it or not,  the prices of almost all the nine basic food items sampled were cheaper in Fiji than in NZ. How could this be?If …

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On Kindergartens

Sleepless Nights

The SPCA Suva appointed a new manager, Priscilla Reddy, who for more than a year now has spent most of her time at the clinic tending to animals from all walks of life and at every stage in their lives.Congratulations. And Ms Reddy's first bit of advice is to try not to feed them tinned food

Pets play an important role in many of our lives. They give comfort, they are companions, we play with them and the dogs guard our homes.

Sadly there are many dogs that have gone astray because their owners cantt feed or look after them.

And there is the issue these strays terrorising people on the roads and barking incessantly all night and making people furious for not getting a good nights rest.

I hope the new manager will address these problems.

Dental Problems
My Grandson's Teeth

I took my grandson to the Lautoka dental department on Wednesday for his school check up.  It was full of parents and guardians with their children. I couldn't help overhearing the co…

Putting Fiji's Cost of Living in Perpective

Complaints about the cost of living are not unique to Fiji as the poster on the left demonstrates.

With the cost of living likely to be an important influence on how people vote in September, I thought it would be useful to put some of Fiji's costs in perspective by drawing comparisons with New Zealand costs.

An overall comparison, of course, would show NZ to have a much higher standard of living than Fiji. Its average disposable wage after tax, for example, is over five times higher, and its pensions and social welfare system is more highly developed. NZ's minimum wage is over NZ$15 an hour and Fiji's a mere F$2. There can be no doubt that poverty, however defined, is far more extensive than in NZ.  Fiji is not a "First World" country.

But none of these things are in dispute in Fiji's election campaign. What is in dispute, if the SODELPA campaign is anything to go by,  is the "unreasonable" price of food items and, by implication,  Government'…