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Political Round Up and Comments 6 June

I published substantial news and comments articles on Monday and Wednesday. These are the items I thought worth mentioning that have occurred or been brought to my attention  since Wednesday.-- Croz Walsh.

CCF REPORT ON "YOUNG PEOPLE AND DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION."  Click here for the full report. This survey report conducted for the CCF by Dr Patrick Vakaoti of Otago University  records and discusses  the responses of young people (aged between 17 and 35) to  a sizable number of political, youth  and  community-related questions. With the voting age now reduced to 18,  the survey provides a fascinating and instructive insight into how 40% of eligible voters may vote in the forthcoming elections.

My only criticisms — and this is more a criticism of Government  whose own statistical records now exclude or hardly mention ethnicity — are that all those conducting the survey were Taukei and, more importantly,  there is no breakdown of how Taukei, Indo-Fijians and Others…

Fijian Holdings Scandal: Betrayal by their trusted sons

Fijian Holdings Scandal: Betrayal by their trusted sonsFijian Holdings Ltd Scandal:How Fijian Provinces were betrayed and looted by their trusted sons
Thakur Ranjit Singh, (Initially published August, 2007)
People of Fiji had been told of corruption and questionable dealings by those who were considered the marshals, saviours and guardians of Fijian race. When Frank Bainimarama sacked Qarase regime and took charge, his reasoning, among others, was to save the I-Taukei (Fijian) race from unscrupulous and wanting leadership within I-Taukei community. My purpose here is to substantiate this through reporting on Senate proceedings of some two decades ago. When Adi Quini Bavadra was alive she tried her best to reveal the dealings inFijian Holdings Limited (FHL)but people with power and influence won and this matter never saw the light of day. My lament had been that while Fiji has an abundance of copy journalists and copy feature writers; there is dearth …

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents  have been in the news recently. In a discussion with my mates in Mulomulo, someone said  bus drivers are forced to drive defective buses  because if they refuse they can lose their jobs.

So, if they take the bus, and because the defect  there's  a fatal accident who is liable, the driver or the owner? Or both?

                                 Car Part Scam

So the car part scam has started again.

At one time Lautoka was famous for cars being stolen and stripped for parts, I know because my car was stolen. Fortunately, people in Rifle Range Lautoka saw the car parked there with teenagers standing around it. They called the police who arrived in an instant. The thieves got away taking the spare tire, stereo system, money and other stuff, but at least I had the car. Others are not so lucky.

A report says this scam is based on demand and there are garages that are part of the scam.

The police need to act on these reports but car owners also need to be more caref…

Mid-Week News and Comments 4 June

CHAUDHRY'S SHORT MEMORY. Once again we have an example of Mahendra Chaudhry's problematic memory.   Earlier his FLP announced its support for the Great Council of Chiefs that, they seemed to forget, was instrumental in removing FLP from power in 1987 and 2000. Then there's their  partnership in the United Front for a Democratic Fiji that puts them in bed with SODELPA, the successors of the Qarase Government that sought to forgive the coup perpetrators that ousted them in 2000. Now he is warning supporters in Labasa not to be swayed by the introduction of free education and bus fare schemes by the Bainimarama government (Why not? It would seem sensible for people to support a Government that actually does things for them, other than talk) urging them instead to remember events of the past that he chooses to remember. Such as the now lifted 2009 Public Emergency Regulations that "had taken away the rights of people", and referred to other temporary legislation that p…

News and Comments on Monday 2nd June

NEW POLL HAS ME PUZZLED. Born in Raiqwaqa, Rocky Ali Buksh now lives in California where he is the publisher and CEO of US Fiji Times. He is a regular visitor to Fiji and a donor to the Brown Street Crippled Children's Home.  On a recent visit he took time out to organize a massive poll of 3,000 people on the two main islands. He says those polled represented a good cross-section by age, sex, ethnicity and socio-economic background.  We have no way to tell.  The results are probably unscientific but they are very similar to the more scientific FijiSun-Razor and Fiji Times-Tebbutt polls.

As at 30 April some 68% said they would vote for Voqere Bainimarama and Fiji First, 14% would vote for SODELPA, 11% for the FLP, 4% for the NFP, and 3% for the PDP. Which totals 100%. And so it should, you might say, but  there is no record of undecided voters or those who refused to answer. These people accounted for up to 20% in the Razor and Tebbutt polls.