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Hospital Services

We were at the Lautoka hospital and I saw a young man sitting by himself in the GOPD. He looked like he was in pain so I asked him what was wrong. He said he was just feeling weak.

I asked him where he was from and he said Nadi. When I said that he should have gone to the Nadi hospital he said, "If I go there I will be seen in the afternoon, I was here at 630 am and its now just after 8 o'clock and I'm about to be seen. If I go to Nadi hospital I will be seen in the afternoon."

I was taken aback by these remarks  and asked a few more people and they were also from Nadi. Wow.

Please could a survey be done to determine how true this is. Is service at the Nadi hospital really slow? And why.


Good on you Paradise Beverages for the $18 million major capital investment. It's got an apt name in Project Bula Vou .. new life.

As reported the company provides Fiji with $1m a week in economic value. Vinaka, that's much needed money. More peop…

Political Round Up for the End of May

There is a lot to report this week.
  Earlier we had independent candidate Roshika Deo protesting about the cancellation of a scholarship for one of her supporters; Mick Beddoes provided insights into the PM's "real" character; all opposition parties jumped onto the "disgraceful" conditions revealed by Biman Prasad after his visit to Nadi hospital; some parallels were drawn between the Thai and Fiji coups, and the new Fiji-Times Tebbutt Research poll showed the PM and Fiji First had the support of about two-thirds of those questioned — but nearly one-fifth had either not make their minds up or refused to answer.
More recent news sees an unusual statement from the FLP, a predictable one from SODELPA; a difference of opinion between chiefs; a chorus of objections by Opposition parties about Fiji First's registration; a plea from Mahendra Chaudhry that he's being got at; news from SODELPA and the NFP on levying their candidates to fund their election ca…

Health Fact File

Given the attention given by the Opposition parties to the state of health services in Fiji, it is necessary to publish this file from the Ministry of Health

HEALTHCARE SPENDS OVER $1BN GOVERNMENT has spent over one billion dollars in improving health services for Fijians in the last seven years as it moves towards developing a modern healthcare system.
Its major reforms have been backed by funding through increased budgetary allocation for the last three years.
These major investments in health infrastructure will support Government’s efforts to decentralize, and improve accessibility to health services around the country.
Government spent close to $160m in 2012, a further to $170m in 2013, and boosted spending to $222.5m in 2014.
The cornerstones of these reforms are the decentralisation of services to rural and semi urban centres which ultimately offer a cost effective serve to all Fijians.
Reforming pharmaceutical services, upgrading medical equipment and facilities…

SODELPA Secretary Difficult to Follow

It's not just me. If you read the article, you'll see FijiVillage journalists were also scratching their heads. See link.  
Pio Tabaiwalu blamed the media after Fijivillage questioned him on why SODELPA is raising issues about the health sector now with just over three months to go for elections. 
He said they had released statements earlier that were not covered. Fijivillage denies receiving any of them, and wonders why the former SDL (now SODELPA) party that was in Government from 2001 to 2006 should only now say hospitals are in a disgraceful condition. 
Tabaiwalu blamed Government for bragging about taking Fiji into the internet era but failing to invest in basic data systems to give faster and more efficient hospital service.
He does not, however,  want what he called a caretaker government to do anything about the disgraceful hospitals so close to the the elections, and claimed that  Government's recently announced major medical reforms —some are continuations from…