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Political Round Up for the Week Ending Friday 21 May

This week the parties have given us a little more information on what they intend to do if they form the new government; Felix Anthony had unkind words to say about the Fiji media and I had a word about the ABC's supposedly impartiality in its recent interview with CCF head Rev. Akuila Yabaki; PDP spokeswoman Lydia Tabuya reveals something of her plans and the party's current difficulty in attracting candidates; the PM points to positive signals for the country's economy; FLP's Kini Marawai criticised the appointment of Nazhaat Shameem to Geneva, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola replies, and Rajendra Chaudhry makes an amazing promise from Sydney. 
You couldn't have any more exciting weekend reading!

BLESSINGS FOR RO TEIMUMU. The SODELPA leader has been visiting chiefly villages in the Western Division over the past few weeks to present her isevusevu, seeking the vanua's blessing through the traditional protocol before her campaign drive begins.

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Critical Eye

During this period leading up to the elections the vying politicians are very sharp. They will see the weakness in others and pounce on it. They will pick out a section of the constitution and interpret it for their good. They will dig up the past and use it as a political football. Their critical eye is very sharp at the moment.

    OK, that's the usual thing. I only wish they will still be that sharp when they go into parliament and serve us with the same resolve.

    Like in the past, politicians will go to the community and paint paradise for them, " I will do this and that, and blah, blah, blah, blah." And when they get elected, they attain the ability to be invisible. And when they want something they take off the cloak that makes them invisible and come along in heavily tinted four wheel drive cars looking hopefully at the people. The people will cook goat curry, speard a mat for the politician to take home. I hope all that will stop.

    My only hope…

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi on Political Choice

Published in the Fiji Sun. May 19 2014.

Political parties need to adopt a combination of approaches to attract broad support, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi says. The Roko Tui Bau and former vice-president said that in this way parties will also maximise their strength in Parliament.

“The efficacy of the traditional approach will depend on the audience and what will work in one context may not be as successful in another.”

Ratu Joni was also present during the Social Democratic Liberal Party visit to Bau Island last Wednesday. The delegation was led by its leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

“I believe the vanua itself must retain some distance from all political parties and allow its people freedom of conscience and association, because the vanua like the lotu encompasses everyone within it irrespective of political affiliation.

“The ordinary iTaukei voter will support a political party for all sorts of reasons including belief in their manifesto, having a connection with a candidate or candidates (wheth…

Mid -Week Update

LOGIC IS NOT POLITICAL. Forget whether you think Bainimarama is a saint or sinner. Just look at the logic of the latest UFDF release (No.27. May 20). The UFDF argues that since Fiji First collected 40,085 signatures in registering the party, and since a recent Sun-Razor poll showed Bainimarama scored 83% as preferred prime minister, Fiji First should have collected 147,774 signatures of support.


There is no logical connection between registration numbers and the poll.  They do, however, have a point in the remainder of their release: the UFDF parties had a shorter time to collect signatures and their collective 30,267 signatures were " gathered by small bands of loyal supporters moving around the country, with no publicity or media hype or huge deployment of resource."

Unfortunately, their other claim, that Fiji First had 14 months to collect signatures is not true. And, for the record,  the poll for the 12th week showed Bainimarama's support at 77%. It had changed …

More Chiefs Support Bainimarama's Party

Eighteen more chiefs have forwarded their names as a show of support to the proposed FijiFirst party. In a statement following the publication of his proposed party's application in one of the dailies today, proposed party leader Voreqe Bainimarama said the 18 chiefs are among Fijians "who continue to send in their names from all parts of Fiji." "

These chiefs include but are not limited to Turaga Na Taukei Naua , Ratu Ponijese Lou, Tuaaga Na Tui Vuda, Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia, Turaga Tui Nawaka, Ratu Asaeli Drui Naevo, Turaga Tui Sabeto, Ratu Tevita Susu Mataitoga, Turaga Tui Nadi, Ratu Sailosi Ramoqe Dawai, Turaga Tui Tavua [Vakatawa], Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata, Turaga Tui Na Viti Levu, Ratu Meli Bolobolo, Turaga Na Tui Naviti, Ratu Kitione Vuluma, Turaga Na Tui Vusu, Ratu Siriako N. Matabogi, Turaga Na KaLevu [Vakatawa], Ratu Kini Nanovo Vosalagi, Turaga Na Tui Conua, Ratu Luke Veidovi, Turaga Tui Davutukia, Ratu Emosi Buruavatu, Turaga Na Vunivalu, Ratu Peni …

What Advice Would You Give to Your Daughters?

Women's Minister Dr Jiko Luveni has been attacked and called upon to resign for urging young women to "dress modestly and help men in the national campaign to cut down sex crimes. If a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble," she said.

I would have thought this is the sort of wise advice that one of the critics, SODELPA figure Dr Mere Samisoni would have given to her own daughters Selina and Vanessa when they were younger. It's certainly the advice of caring parents worldwide.

But no, according to Samisoni, Fiji Women’s Rights Movement director and anti-government activist Virisila Buadromo, and a growing number of anti-government party leaders (who as far as I know never previously made any public comment disparaging rape in Fiji) the advice was shifting the blame to the victim.  Reasonable opinions would be divided whether this was implied by Dr Jiko. Everything would depend…

Courts Refuses Chaudhry's Stay Application

The application was refused because the law only allows such applications in civil cases, not in criminal cases. See FijiLive link