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Political Round Up for the Second Week of May

News this week continues to bore. One has to look deeply for honest dialogue and even deeper for policy. Personalities, or more accurately, attacks on personalities continue to dominate the news.

Ro Teimumu "not really" campaigning The opposition attacked Bainimarama for campaigning before the Fiji First party was registered and mixing his roles as PM and party candidate by offering development money for votes. 
Now, SODELPA General Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu spokesmen denies claims by Fiji Live that it is using vanua protocol to garner votes for its party president Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa, who is also one of Fiji's paramount chiefs, when she visited villages in the Western Division this week .
“It is not really a campaign,” he said. “We are following traditional protocol, where the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi has personal connections to chiefly houses in the Western Division. We haven’t started our campaign. We are here to request them personally for our candida…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Save the Bay
Many times we let what we call development get in our way. We cut down forests and mangrove to build so we can set up business to make money. But at what a cost. Most of the times its the city fathers who approve the development. Anyway, big business people are very powerful.One such place is the Draunibota Bay in Lami.
I grew up in Wailekutu in the late 70s and lived there until I started work in 1977. We used to swim across to Mosquito Island with our lunch packs and stay there all day. We would return in the afternoon, sometimes swimming back or if there was a kind boat owner we would hitch a ride back.
Tourist ferries would come and go and we would meet and make new friends with them. Some of us even struck up friendships that got us being pen friends.
I always marveled at the people on water ski. I tried it once but couldn't do it. You have to be pretty strung to get on a ski and be pulled along. Some of us would cross over on tin boats and when we were tired…

Personalities More than Policies?

Fiji polls shaping up to be battle of personalities Updated at 8:27 pm on 7 May 2014

An observer of Fiji politics says the Fiji election will mostly be a battle of personalities and leadership. Three parties and one proposed party have now confirmed who will lead them in the September polls and the Labour Party is still to confirm Mahendra Chaudhry after his conviction last week. Auckland University's Steven Ratuva says despite Labour being in a leadership crisis, there is now a core line-up of capable leaders for people to choose from who could be described as superstars in their own field. Dr Ratuva says the new electoral system puts even more pressure on leaders to perform than in the past. "First of all you only have one constituency and secondly voters will have to vote for only one person and that's where the party leader's popularity comes in so in terms of just attracting voters to a particular party you need somebody to be a superstar to solicit the votes. Tha…

The Fiji First Line Up

The proposed Fiji First party lodged an application at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Suva yesterday, complete with 40,083 signatures.

The application lists Voreqe Frank Bainimarama as proposed leader of the party. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is named as proposed General Secretary. Dr. Jiko Luveni is the proposed president. Other executives include Tui Macuata Ratu Wiliame Katonivere and Former Fiji Labour Party Senator Bijai Prasad as two proposed vice-presidents. Vimlesh Chand is the Party treasurer. Bainimarama also handed in a sum of $5,005 as required under the Political Parties Decree 2013.

We will meet and sit down and discuss with Fijians, about how we all citizens of this wonderful country must, come together and put Fiji First, and we must come together with sincerity and honesty, with love and affection without any pretensions, to ensure that Fiji continues on its path to progress, success and opportunities for all Fijians.

The signatures include 14,499 from the Central Div…