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At Last Some Mention of Policies

Anthony elected PDP leaderPublish date/time: 03/05/2014 [17:15]
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Email this page Former Trade Unionist Felix Anthony is the new leader of the People’s Democratic Party.

Anthony contested with outgoing Interim President of the Party Adi Sivia Qoro for the leader’s position.

After the elections, Anthony stressed that Qoro will remain with the Party.

Speaking in a press conference, Anthony said the most important thing they can offer to the people of Fiji is the multiracial makeup that was seen in the Party’s conference today.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please loginto listen.

Anthony said they do not believe that it is appropriate to start talking about a United Front because he does not believe there is a united front as the elections will be fought by individual parties.

While addressing Party supporters at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka today, Anthony also highlighted if they win, the PDP will develop a pension scheme that is flexible and realistic.

He sa…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

No Transport

Government officials facing transport problems in the Bua Province will soon have their troubles addressed.

Prime Minister Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama heard from villagers in the province that it was difficult for police officers in Nabouwalu to get around because they had no vehicle.

This is a very good sign.

Now, our Namulomulo community post does not have a vehicle. Police officers have to walk to go and attend to reports. If victims have a vehicle they usually pick the police officer(s). And there are times when they go on community visits they simply walk.

While walking is healthy sometimes transport is better. We have a derelict vehicle parked at the post which has seen better days and in my opinion it should be removed to the junk yard because its an eyesore and taking up space.

On behalf of the officers and the community at large I request the Honorable Prime Minister to please also visit us.  Namulomulo, Solovi and others areas have lots of citizens who can&…

Political Round Up for the First Week in May

STOP PRESS. Click on this link for the full court judgment on Mahendra Chaudhry

Thank goodness. There's some new news this week.  But first the old news:

Party symbols
The unending demands by the four old registered parties to the Electoral Commission for the inclusion of their party symbols on the ballot papers continue, despite the unending replies by Commission Chairman Chen Bunn that their demands should go to Government (not the Commission) asking it to change the 2103 Elections Decree that allows only candidate numbers on the ballot paper. The Commission does not make the law.

Other complaints
In addition, SODELPA continues to object to the Fiji First's choice of blue as its party colour, Radio NZ (taking its lead mainly from the anti-Bainimarama blogs. Impartiality, where art thou?,) claims Fiji First has stolen the name of an old political party and the A-G  prematurely registered the Fji First internet name; the NFP is consulting its lawyers about the ballot paper; comp…