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Political Round Up for the Third Week of April

Holy Thursday brought the end of Lent with an invigorated Mike Beddoes emerging from the desert after spending 40 days wandering in the wilderness. First, he attacked McCully,  then Bainimarama and Ashwin Raj, and this was followed by a few digs at the Elections Commission and the Fiji Sun

Other news included the confirmation of two chiefly candidates by SODELPA, two policy statements by the FLP  which is awaiting the Court's verdict on leader Chaudhry before announcing candidates, divergent policies on rents by UFDF members, the NFP and FLP, a little more on Ratu Timoci's alleged "hate" speech, and further indication of the PM's support in a part of remote, rural Fiji.  Meanwhile, the anti-blogs have queried the absence of the latest Razor poll on preferred PM and party that is normally published by the Fiji Sun on Saturdays, and I'm also seeking an explanation. (P.S. Here's the link to this Saturday's poll article)


Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Fiji is a Safe Place
Yet again a regional tournament in the OFC games has been held in Fiji. I have enjoyed the games even though my Nadi team didn't do too well.

I will make a political statement and tell all those who think Fiji is a bad place to live, come back and see for yourself. But if you have been bad mouthing people, come incognito.

Water Leak
There is a huge water leak in front of Namulomulo Police Post.

It has been like that for some time and the leaking water has flowed right into  the Mulomulo school  compound. Its unsightly and a nuisance because pedestrians get our feet all dirty. Students pass through this and those wearing shoes and socks end up getting dirty.

But the bottom line is water is wasting.

Check Your Cash Register Slip 
No amount of advice can be given to shoppers to always check their cash register slip.

We have always checked ours because we just can't afford to lose money when supermarkets make mistakes with pricing on their cash register machines…

When Media Becomes Threat to Democracy

When Media becomes a threat to democracy: Controls essential to stop loose media cannons in Fiji

Thakur Ranjit Singh

What we learn from History is that we do not learn from History. Action taken by Fiji Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA) on Ratu Timoci Vesikula’s reported “hate-speech” and punishment meted by MIDA need to be viewed from a Historical rationale and perspective. We need to appreciate how a Western type free and partisan media in the past contributed to fall of democracy and Fiji’s political instability.

Any democracy that does not grant equality, fairness and social justice to all its citizens is not worth defending – that is what I proclaimed in a seminar held in Auckland in the aftermath of Bainimarama takeover of Qarase government in December, 2006. I have held that view since, and feel honoured to be branded supporter of Bainimarama.
The latest one to do that is Wadan Narsey, who named me as a cheerleader of Bainimarama. Response to that later, but he has been c…

Narsey Attacks Electoral Decree

This summary of Dr Wadan Narsey's article published on 12 April in the Fiji Times [with my comments in brackets]:

1. The proposed ballot paper: It is hard to remember a candidate's three digit number.
"Hundreds of thousands of voters ... may have great difficulty in remembering the numbers of their preferred candidates. [Exaggeration and doubtful, but remediable]
2. Unclear what information will be in the polling station. "If they cannot remember, they will have to find their preferred candidate based on the information inside the polling booth, with all the names and photos of candidates, supposedly in less than two minutes." [If Wadan is unclear, he should ask before criticising]
3. Reminders not allowed. Voters will not be able to take paper, or a specimen or sample of the ballot paper into the polling station. [Good reason for this, but they should be able to make a note inside the station]
4. Voters suspected of breaching this regulation may be searched &qu…

In What Other Country Would This Happen?

Media advisory. - "Students living in Suva or within the greater Suva area who have issues and concerns regarding Government’s education assistance under the TELS scheme are requested to attend a forum to discuss the issues they are facing.The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, the Chairman of TELS board and other Senior Officials will be at the meeting to hear their concerns and address them. The meeting/forum will take place on the 6th floor of Suvavou House tomorrow, Sunday (13.04.14) at 8.00am."

P.S. The PM met with a hundred students and parents. One parent said, "“I am so fortunate and proud to meet the PM and he is the first Prime Minister who sat with us and listened to our concerns. I got assurance from him and the Board that my son will get the loan approved. I have faith in the PM and I’m glad that finally my son can go ahead with his studies.”

The Tertiary Education Loans Scheme provides low-interest Government loans covering full tuition costs to all Fijian …

NZ Unionist Questions McCully's Judgement

NZCTU Secretary Peter Conway is reported  by Radio NZ International and Pacific Media Watch to have  challenged Foreign Minister McCully's assurance that  good progress is being made towards holding elections. Conway said that McCully allowed the Fiji regime to "keep masquerading that the election is free and fair".

Conroy then repeated accusations previously made by a PMW student journalist, that in turn had been previously made in the Fiji on line media, about the CCF booklet, Ratu Timoci's "hate" speech, the Fiji Law Society's complaint about monitoring communications in the 48 hours before Election day (he called it putting "its citizens under surveillance") and "attached draconian conditions to trade unionists who want to stand as independent candidates in the election."

Each of these issues has been addressed in this blog. Action on the CCF booklet seemed justifiable. It did include misleading statements. I thought there was a…