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Political Round Up: Last Week in February

By Crosbie Walsh
Tropical Depression 15F, currently bringing high winds, heavy rain and flooding, to many parts of Fiji causing power cuts, water problems, school closures, public service workers being sent home, and evacuation centres to be established, pushed political news off the front pages from Wednesday onwards.

It has also caused a delay in Bainimarama's anticipated announcement on his new political party and on his successor as Commander-in-Chief of the RFMF, leaving us all unsure whether it will be his brother-in-law Francis Kean, convicted of manslaughter for killing a  guest at Bainimarama's daughter's wedding some years back, or the present Commander Land Force Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, or perhaps some other officer.

The National Youth  Party
While the ultimate political contest is likely to be between the Bainimarama party and some coalition of the old political parties, one should not ignore other parties. If the contest is close, the votes they win could be…

Foreign Aid and Growth

By T K Jayaraman

Last week’s visit to Fiji by Australia’s foreign minister, Ms. Bishop has raised hopes of return to normalcy in bilateral relations between the two countries.

The visit has been fruitful in many ways: Fiji has been added to the list of Pacific island countries (PICs), which are eligible for Australia’s Pacific Seasonal Workers Program. This program confers the benefit of guest worker visas for fruit picking jobs in Australian farms.

Other results include the resumption of programs including (i) exchange of civil servants in finance and foreign policy departments; (ii) joint military exercises and training; and (iii) participation in sea patrol boat program. The discussions might have included resumption of overseas development assistance (ODA) or foreign aid.

Just a day prior to Fiji visit, Ms Bishop inaugurated the 2014 Australasian Aid and International Development Policy Workshop in Canberra. The Workshop assembled researchers from across Australia, the Pacific and…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Some short  topical items from Allen as strong winds and heavy rain hits Fiji.

“As of now there has been a lot of rain dumped over the Central Eastern Division particularly the Eastern half of Viti Levu and it takes it all along Lomaiviti Group, Lau group and Kadavu. Rain has been falling in these areas for the last couple of days. The ground is already saturated and the rivers are flooded particularly Waimanu and Wainibuka. Navua is rapidly rising in the upper catchments. So the message is there is going to be more rain in the next 24 hours.” -- Met. Office.

Points to Remember
1. Its not a full blown cyclone and we have power blackouts. 2. We were told that the tropical depression was a real threat to the whole of Fiji. 3. With all the modern equipment is it really impossible to predict how a tropical depression will behave? 4. How better equipped are we as per weather predictions compared to the old days?

And by the way, a relative called from Tavewa island in the Yasawa group and I t…