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Charges Against Unionists Withdrawn

I'm not sure why the charges were laid in the first place. It seemed a minor issue. Presumably, there was a perceived breach of the law, or perhaps the prosecutors were just trigger happy, wanting to teach the unionists a lesson.  This sort of thing is not good publicity for the Bainimarama government. It was not a party to the prosecution but its opponents would hold it responsible.  But whatever the reason, the charges are now to be withdrawn  (no case to answer) —and that's a good thing for Bainimarama in election year. - Croz

PRESS RELEASE (No. 2 of 2014)
The Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Christopher Pryde, has decided to withdraw unlawful strike charges against trade unionists Daniel Urai, Peni Finau, Sikeli Gavidi, Isei Levula, Merewai Vocevoce, and Akariva Nawai.
The six accused are members of the National Union of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Industries Employees Union and were charged in the Magistrates’ Court unde…

Bainimarama Refutes Rabuka's Allegation on High Debt Levels

The three issues most raised by opponents to the Bainimarama government other, of course, than the statement that his coup was illegal, are, first, actual and alleged abuses of civil rights, most particularly limits placed on media freedom, freedom of assembly and restrictions on trade union activities; secondly, failure to disclose government expenditure, particularly the absence of public audits and  alleged hyper-salaries paid to Bainimarama and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum; and , thirdly, the assumed cripplingly high level of debt that will need to be repaid by future generations.  In the following article published in the Fiji Sun, PM Bainimarama takes Fiji's first coup ledader, Sitiveni Rabuka,  to task on the debt issue, and he has some words to say also on expenditure on education.  -- Croz 
PM to Rabuka: Get facts rightFebruary 2, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by:  n Claims on education policy and debt management refuted
n Questions on management …