Commonsense Prevails: Injustice Put Right

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board has reviewed the case and reinstated the scholarship of Seruiraduvatu Tamanirarama, after allegedly cancelling his scholarship for involvement in political activities.

Board Chairman Dixon Seeto said that  the initial information and the resulting recommendation from the education institution (The University of the South Pacific) were incorrect.

He said the Board expects all scholarship students to adhere to the conditions of their contract and follow their study program, which means  they must attend all and instructional classes as required by the institution, but in  no way does this restrict the activities of scholarship holders outside of their study program.

Comment. The case reflected badly on the Board and,  by extension,  on the Bainimamrama Government. Its opponents claimed or inferred that Government was behind the scholarship cancellation, leaving the general public with another presumed, and in this case incorrect, instance of "lack of freedom" and the absence of a "level playing ground" under the Bainimarama Government.

I trust USP will follow the paper trail to the person who supplied this incorrect information and take the appropriate action.  I trust also that the Board and USP will apologize to Seruiraduvatu.


Bill Carson said…
Find out who provided initial information and the resulting recommendation from USP.

Was the scholarship recipient given an opportunity to rebut the information provided ?? After all, a lot was at stake for him !!

Dixon Seeto should be given the boot !!
Anonymous said…
Dixon Seeto, like all others who have put their handout for sleazy benefits from this illegal human rights abusing regime must pay a very heavy price. Keep the pressure up Patriots, one by one they are falling of the perch - it is just wonderful to see the rats on the the way - does anyone know yet how much the illegal AG is paying himself through his aunty's junta company yet? This is money that eventually (with interest) must be returned to the people of Fiji.
Shameful USP said…
USP VC Rajesh Chandra and deputy Esther Williams are responsible for this debacle. These two have a long record of persecuting USP staff and students who don't tow the line, and they are only too happy to follow directions from Khaiyum.
Crosbie Walsh said…
Shameful ... You can't be serious. I can't imagine why the VC and DVC would have been involved with the original recommendation, Responsibility would have been much lower down, possibly with Student Advisory Services.If the VC and DVC were involved, it would have been later, in reversing the original decision.
Crosbie Walsh said…
Anonymous ... Is it not possible that at least some of the people who do not agree with your personal views on the Fiji situation could be doing so for other than pecuniary reasons? Afterall, I presume you do not do everying for money.
Anonymous said…
I work at Laucala campus. Believe me, VC Rajesh Chandra is a control freak. He interferes into and directs everything. Manipulates committee appointments etc to make sure everything goes his way.
Anonymous said…
Do you mean like the illegal PM and the illegal AG? Paid through the illegal AG's aunt? And we still don't know how much they are paying themselves. You really think this is ok?
Anonymous said…
Croz, why do you bother with these morons?
Anonymous said…
It is interesting how regime scumbags are too cowardly to answer the real questions?

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