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Events and Comments on This Week's Main News

 The Tailevu and Serua Provincial Councils met and both indicated support for the 2013 Constitution; Australia could be taking steps to  normalise relations with Fiji; $40m has been set aside for the election and PNG has promised $20m; the Supervisor of Elections position has been advertised (see end note); Budget Day is next Friday 8th November; a new bridge is planned for Denarau and a new port is being investigated for Macuata; the Housing Authority has launched  a 'Toso Mai Dua' loan package for those earning under $25,000; a third new Airbus A330 will arrive this coming week and Fiji Airways Boeing 747s will be retired next month; the laptop per child programme is progressing; the economy is now forecast to grow by 3.6%, an upward revision from 3.2%, across several sector; the PM has revealed a little more about the political party he intends to form; SOLELPA is still to choose its president; and the People's Democratic Party that had earlier denied any connec…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Customs Clerks

I did a little inquiry and found that students who graduated with diplomas in Customs from FNU that have found jobs are getting paid $3,000 to $5,000 p.a. What a shocker. Because of their inexperience and there are many of them around they simply sign the Customs entry done by the company clerk who has no diploma but 15 to 20 years experience.

The Customs entry or Single Administrative Document (SAD) is a legal document and is very important. The person authorised to sign this document should be competent and a person of substance. He or she is getting paid such a low wage yet the job being done is classified as high priority. This person liaises with Customs officers at the Long Room and they deal on  a very high level. The Customs officer is well paid, gets many perks yet his or her counterpart over the counter earns peanuts.

It is time to lift the standard of the Customs clerks pay, this can be done together with FNU if they lift the quality of the curriculum of the…

News and Comments Tuesday 28 October 2013

INCREDIBLE THOUGH IT MAY SEEM, given the continuing statements on the importance of chiefs, some 544 (or 42%)  of chiefly titles are vacant.  This appears to be mainly due to continuous disputes about who should fill the vacancies, according to the iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission (TLFC) chairman Ratu Vananalagi Vesikula.

Ratu Vananalagi thinks many were contesting chiefly titles simply because they had vested interests. The TLTC has received many complaints about the situation but "there is nothing we can do really except to advise them on what needs to be done and it is up to the people to decide on who their true leaders are based on the blood lines.”

Of the 544 vacant clan heads posts  83 posts are from Tailevu, four from Serua, 33 from Rewa, 64 from Ra, 10 from Namosi, 42 from Naitasiri, 19 from Nadroga, 17 from Macuata, 71 from Lomaiviti, 46 from Lau, 57 from Kadavu, 44 from Cakaudrove, 28 from Bua and 13 from Ba.

AND 2189 (OR 50%) OF TURAGA NI MATAQALI (heads of mata…