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Why Government is Losing the Support of 'Middle' Fiji

An Opinion piece by Croz Walsh
This article is prompted by an email from a friend in Fiji who thinks my blog is ignoring many important issues where Government 'got it wrong.' 
I do not know how representative he is of the people I have called 'middle Fiji' but I'm reasonable confident that many professional and more highly educated people who previously supported Government, or were prepared to give it the benefit of doubt, share these concerns. Numerically, their votes are not important enough to sway an election result but they are leaders in the realm of ideas, and ideas win or lose elections.

In recent weeks I've been more pro-Government because I think the choice is now much clearer. Fiji can either support the Baininamara Government, with all its faults. or support the the SODELPA/FLP and their chartered return voyage to the old Fiji, marked as it was with racial tensions, privileges and abuses.
Few can dispute the achievements of the Bainimarama g…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Flogged to Death

A political party is once again dwelling on the issue of every citizen being called Fijian. 

Could they possibly take up the challenge of encouraging manufacturers to build factories in the rural areas so that we curb urban drift?  Could they dwell on how they will deal with the high cost of education,  especially tertiary education, and why the universities have encouraged so many people to earn a diploma or degree when the market for some of the topics  is flooded. Or could they dwell on other issues affecting of our everyday life such as the rising car theft in Lautoka and the street lights that have been out for up to one year?

There are so many issues that affect and could improve the lives of the people far more than the one they have come up with. 
The issue of identity has been flogged to death, I don't even care now. You can call me a Fijian, a Kai Loma, a fruit-salad. Just don't call me an Others. 
Penang Pride 
Penang Sangam High School celebrate…

News and Comments Friday 25 October 2013

WEEKEND READINGAllen Lockington Column.  "Why Government is Losing the Support of 'Middle' Fiji", an opinion piece by Croz WalshDAYLIGHT SAVING THIS SUNDAY.  Don't forget to put your clocks forward.

MILITARY BRUTALITY MUST STOP.  Some military personnel are doing the Bainimarama government no favours by taking the law into their own hands. The police are doing it no favours by not zestfully pressing charges that result in convictions. And Government is doing itself no favours by its less than wholehearted  condemnation of these criminal acts.  There have been several instances since 2006, all exposed with glee in the anti-Government blogs.

The latest incident allegedly involves a sales executive who complained about a soldier having an extra marital affair with own of his relatives. It is alleged that the man was picked up from his office by eight men who he claims were soldiers. He was then taken to Colo-i-Suva, a forested area north of Suva City, where he was b…

The Cards are Now on the Table

If the people of Fiji did not know it before, they certainly know it now.  The people who rule Fiji should only do so with the approval of the paramount chiefs, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Ro Teimumu Kepa — and if some of their  people do not like this, they should "delete their names from their Vola Ni Kawa Bula."

And if there was ever any doubt about the new multi-racialism of SODELPA, note that they agree with the paramount chiefs.

The chiefs speak of the denial of "group rights" and in the same breath they speak of democracy. There was nothing democratic in the  powers exercised by the Great Council of Chiefs, and nothing democratic in the very uneven allocation of land lease money. The chiefs took the larger slices leaving very little for ordinary iTaukei. The so-called "group rights" benefited only those at the top of the "group."   I see nothing in the 2013 Constitution that denies any group rights affecting ordinary citizens, iTaukei, In…

A Correction from Fr Kevin Barr

From: Kevin Barr

To: """
Sent: Friday, October 18, 2013 9:47 AM
Subject: Blog on Minimum Wage

Dear Croz,
Greetings!  Someone drew my attention to your report on my statement on the Minimum Wage.

I presume you got it from one of the NZ media who called me for an interview.  I never gave any figure such as $4.85 but pointed out (as I did to Dr Reddy) that when I was at University we were taught that a nation's minimum wage should ideally be pegged against that country's current poverty line.

I estimated that Fiji's current poverty line must be around $194 a week but suggested the interviewer get the exact figure from Epeli at FIBOS.  I also mentioned that this ideal could probably not be met now in Fiji because for 36 years (as Wadan Narsey showed in his research Just Wages for Fiji - Lifting Workers out of Poverty) the Wages Councils had never kept up with the cost of living and so this has meant a great increase in poverty over the year…