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Cool Heads are Needed, not Over-Headed Ones

By Crosbie Walsh
Only the most hardened opponents of Fiji's Bainimarama government would claim it has been given a  Kiwi "fair go" by the media over the past few years. 
Fiji has seldom made news headlines but when it did, the news has been invariably negative and one-sided with little to no attempt to understand the causes of the events described. Feature articles and radio interviews which would have permitted greater depth, a variety of opinions, and some analysis have been few and far between. To some extent, this is understandable. Investigative journalism is almost a thing of the past, but on many topics the media can rely on support from academics and other "experts" in various fields. Not so, unfortunately, for Fiji. 
Our Fiji and Pacific academic experts have almost all retired, and most of those remaining seem more concerned about promotion and tenure than helping New Zealanders, and its leaders, unravel the vitally important but extremely comp…

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Smart Citizens

It's not only Labasa that has lots of people with mental illness roaming the streets. Lautoka has its fair share also. However, I find it rather interesting that they are in town and I wonder if all are really mentally ill or just pretending.

Like a young man who is always seen talking to himself and doing odd things. We were seated at the sekoula tree at the Lautoka market one Friday and he came along and bought $1 of yaqona. When the yaqona vendor picked up the cloth that was still filled with kosa, he said, "Oe, sova laivi na kosa, dau gunu ca na yaqona ni lose tale na kosa. (Spill away the kosa. The grog tastes bad when it is remixed)
To me, this person seemed very in touch with what was going on. And then there was this  young man who passed a shop that was playing a Michael Jackson song and he stopped to dance to the music. Many of us stood and watched to admire his movements. When the music stopped he looked up and winked at us. Made us wonder if he was …