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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On


A friend went for a cruise to one on the tourist islands in the Mamanuca's. He said that he was amazed with the number of tourists on the boat. On the island the Fijian farewell song was sung when one lot for the island and a welcome song was sung around 30 minutes later. And it went on like that all day. It seems our tourism industry is booming again, he said that the advertising was doing well wit the three S's. Sand, sun and smile. Our islands have beautiful sand, the sun is out everyday and the Fijian bula smile cant be beaten.

Then he said, "Au kurobui, niu kila ni dau caka ga na tucake va na basi. (I was amazed because we only stand in our buses when its full) And then he added, "The boat was so full passengers had to stand up."

                          Van Ride

Here is a sincere request to the operators of the Mini buses in Lautoka and Nadi. You have been supplying us a very much needed service. In Lautoka, the City Council has erected a won…

Towards a Promised Democracy

By Toby Ley in Pacific Politics  Fiji has taken further steps towards promised elections with the registration of three political parties: Fiji Labour Party (FLP), National Federation Party (NFP) and the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA). Parties still have work to do – they’ve been given until the end of May to submit financial reports and set up administrative offices across the country. The media environment in Fiji presents related challenges, but an opportunity does exist for a national dialogue to take place. Allowing for a diversity of opinion and a respectful competition of ideas will ensure the outcome for both political winners and losers will be positive.  Party Membership in Fiji Party Name Members submitted Members disallowed Total members accepted National Federation Party (NFP) 7,574 189 7,385 Fiji Labour Party (FLP) 8,456 284 8,172 Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) 8,825 136 8,689
In spite of pessimism surrounding the ability for any party to gar…

Chiefs, People Unite to Make Use of Land

Ratu Viliame Katonivere was recently installed as Tui Macuata, succeeding his elder brother Ratu Aisea who drowned in an fishing accident. The succession has been contested by Coup 4.5, purportedly on traditional grounds but more likely because both brothers have welcomed Bainimarama Government initiatives in the province. Ratu Viliame's proposals for land development must be welcomed by all who wish to see ordinary Fijians and the nation getting better returns from the land. -- Ed. By Serafina Silaitoga, The Fiji Times.  Friday, June 28, 2013

MACUATA paramount chief Ratu Wiliame Katonivere will work with his chiefs and people to turn idle land into income-generating assets.
Once discussions with landowners are completed, Ratu Wiliame said the traditional communal way of living known as solesolevaki would be emphasised in villages and communities.

"We will introduce and emphasise the solesolevaki lifestyle that is commonly used by the indigenous communities through …