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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

                                              Super Fiji

Spine chilling, breathtaking, heart stopping and delightful are just some of the many adjectives that describe how Fiji played just a few years ago.

I have the privilege to go back in time to watch Fijis 7s games on DVD. Amongst my collection is the 2000 Wellington 7s, where Fiji plays New Zealand in the final. Christian Cullen, who had just come onto the field,
was tackled by The Stretcher (Vili Satala) and he had to go off again. Then the camera pans towards Cullen, he is sitting on the sideline and we see
the pained look on his face. Where has this kind of tackle gone?

To see Marika Vunibaka and Vilimoni Delasau run pass the opposition winger
and they leave them standing. Where has this kind of speed gone? And there
was Waisale Serevi who tackles the ball carrier, who managers to get the
ball away, he stands up and tackles that player, and then another. Where
has this kind of energy gone? And what about the double up, Fero

News and Comments Friday 28 June 2013

SO MUCH IN A WEEK.   Fiji marked the change in name of its national carrier Air Pacific to Fiji Airways with the arrival of a new airbus replete with masi insignia.  Much more is expected of the airline in coming months. The courts, long accused of being subject to political interference, found former PM Laisenia Qarase had "no case to answer" and innocent of charges brought by the corruption commission for his actions in Fiji Holdings Ltd.  And the  judge was a Sri Lankan whose recruitment to the Fiji judiciary has also been criticised by Government opponents!  The PM is presently in Moscow on a trade and investment mission, the first Fijian PM ever to visit Russia. The visit is the latest example of the shift in Fiji's foreign policy that previously focused on Australia, New Zealand, the European community and the USA. And Ro Teimumu, SODELPA's first president, speaking to the party's first meeting, not unsurprisingly  said "For those who knew the old SDL …