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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

                                                                       Good Dad

During my stint with the Fiji National University  Nadi I saw this middle aged chap in my class.

About a month later I took him aside and we sat and chatted. I asked why he had enrolled when he already had a good job. He said that he had a daughter who had enrolled at FNU but had found it hard to keep up with lectures and dropped out. She told him that even he wouldn't be able to hack it.

He sat back and said that all his family had ordinary low paying jobs because of lack of high education and he wasn't going to let his daughter go through the same thing. So he enrolled secretly without tell his family.

His wife became suspicious when he would come home late and they would have little arguments. He assured her there was no other woman. He never took home his books and never let on on what he was doing.

Then three  months down the road a friend of his daughter told her that her dad had enrolled at …