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Tourism and Medical Care 24/7

Readers will remember the unnecessary death of Tom Seeto nearly a year ago. I publish this heart-breaking letter from his daughter Clarissa, out of respect for her and her family but also because of the very important message it contains for the Fiji Government, the Ministry of Heatlth and the Fiji tourism industry. Public health regulations should ensure that all airports and all hotels  provide at least basic services, and a qualified doctor should  always be on call at major hospitals. My question to Government and the Ministries of Health and Tourism is: What has been done since Tom Seeto's death to improve the situation that led to his untimely death while under your care?  Democracy is far less about votes and elections than it is about caring for people. See my earlier report on 27 September last year.    

Dear Crosbie,
It's been ten months since my father died. Its 3.36 am Sydney time and yet another sleepless night as I’m plagued by the pictures, moments of that day, ne…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

'Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Breast' First published in the Fiji Sun December 2010
By Allen Lockington .  When I was growing up I remembered that Christmas was a joyous time for me. On Christmas Eve I was told to hang my pillow case at the top of the bed before I went to sleep.I did this from a very early age and when I woke up the pillow case would have toys, sweets and new clothes. When my parents, God rest heir souls, saw the delight in my squeals they would say Father Christmas came last night because you were a good boy. I would get up and hug them both.

Then we would attend a morning mass and like normal little children, I couldn’t wait to return home to play with my new toys and wear my new clothes. Sitting at the Sacred Heart Cathedral church in Suva, I would egg on the priest to end the mass quickly.

But after mass my parents would stand around to greet other people and talk about everything.
For me, my mind was at home. When we did get home my parents would cook and w…


Click on the title above to read Graham Davis's experience and views on lessons learnt on the 1987 coup.

Need to Tweak Government Draft Constituton

Some helpful suggestions by Dr Shameem on eradicating institutional racism (the CERD recommendations), corruption and the Ombudsman's Office, and the State's limitation of rights. --Ed.
Comments on the Government’s draft Fiji Constitution 2013  in response to Government’s request for feedback
By Dr Shaista Shameem
My few short comments on the Government’s draft 2013 Constitution are as follows:
The main principles of constitutional governance promoted by the Government in its public statements are:
elimination of institutionalised racial discrimination; elimination of corruption and bad governance; and protection of all constitutional rights, including economic, environmental and social rights.
Whether the draft Constitution 2013 is consistent with the Government’s expressed principles of constitutional governance and with international law.
(i) Elimination of institutionalized racial discrimination The draft Constitution 2013 provides equal rights for all irrespectiv…