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Different Views on Role of Journalists

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The Pacific Axis Shifts

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News and Comments Thursday 18 April 2013

UFDF UPS THE ANTE** A high powered group of former politicians from the United Front for a Democratic Fiji met in Sigatoka village yesterday to speak against the Government's draft constitution. They said they were invited. The village head said they were given permission but not invited.

While there, they launched a petition calling for a return to the Ghai draft constitution. Nation-wide, they hope to collect 300,000 signatures. And separately, Mahendra Chaudhry,  a leading member of the UFDF,  is calling for a referendum.

The objective of these rear-guard actions is clear.: to undermine confidence in the Government's constitutional and electoral processes among Fijians and the international community in the forlorn hope that they will somehow be returned to power.

The strategy is not new.  One or another, or all at different times,  of the groups represented in the UFDF has opposed the Bainimarama Government every step of the way.

All opposed the coup. The SDL most vocally…