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REGION: Media critics see new report as hopeful for ‘dysfunctional’ national bodies

Communications Fiji’s news director Vijay Narayan speaking at the Media and Democracy symposium at the University of the South Pacific last year. Image: David Robie/PMC Sunday, April 7, 2013 Item: 8246 National media associations in the Pacific have been reported as “dysfunctional and fractured” and are seen by some as irrelevant. However, a proposed new scheme may help provide a solution to some of these issues. Holly Ryan reports.
AUCKLAND (Asia-Pacific Journalism / Pacific Scoop / Pacific Media Watch): When asked to think about the Pacific, sandy beaches and remarkable underwater caves with a myriad of tropical fish are often the first thing to come to mind for New Zealand audiences
A history steeped in financial and political pressures, civil wars and fighting, however, is sometimes more accurate.
This “darker side” to the Pacific is often overlooked or only briefly brushed over in the new…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On


Many people take schooling for granted. Parents get up in the morning make breakfast for the children and they get ready and all leave home. Many parents leave the educating of their children to the school teacher. When parent/ teacher day comes around and they find out that their children were not doing well, they reprimand the child/ren and tell the teacher off. There are parents who are so absorbed in the social work and religious activities they have committed themselves to, that they forget about their own home. Believe me I know of many homes that are like this.
What we should all be doing is following up on the children’s studies, sit with them in the evenings and ask what they were doing in school and if the child was fine or finding things hard. Parents should also get school rules and talk to the children about it. Behaviour in public and in the bus should be talked about. Help avoid homework hassles by creating a comfortable and well-organized study space for your…

News and Comments Friday 12 April 2013

Several important meetings were held this week. Some 300 attended a meeting in Suva of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji (former political parties) that rejected the Government's draft constitution and called for a return to the 1997 constitution. The Citizen's Constitutional Forum launched a report on minority rights. The visiting Forum Ministerial Contact Group met with the PM and A-G, and Government continued with its consultations on the draft constitution meetings in the Northern and Western Division. A Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group team (CMAG) is also visiting Fiji of which more next week.

HE AGREES, THEN RECANTS. On the side, in a major surprise announcement, Timoci Bulitavu, an official of the former SDL government said he agreed with the Bainimarama Government’s draft constitution but later denied the videoed message heard by a Labasa audience of 300.. He said the draft constitution protects indigenous land owners more than the previous 1997 constitutio…

The Uncouth Speak

Blog publishers have problems knowing what to do about comments. Vet each one? Give free access and then delete the more obnoxious? Or leave them all, disgusting, untrue, libellous or otherwise?  I used to vet each comment but now let all though and delete only the worst.

"Peter Firkins", the  FijiToday publisher, seems to have opted for leaving them all in.   Check out this link to read what his readers had to say on my "Open Letter to the Prime Minister" and tell me what you would do if you were Peter.

[Two readers have said they are having problems reading the comments on this post, and have been unable to comment themselves.  Please email me if you are having this problem. I'll post on your behalf, as I have with Shaista's,  until the problem is fixed.]

L'Etat C'Est Moi

Advised by the English Ambassador that in England Parliament and not the king was supreme, the French monarch Louis XIV (1638-1715) , replied "En ici. L'Etat c'est moi." (And here.  I am the State.) Less than a century later the people had other ideas. 

I am reminded of these incidents, when one after another person in Fiji claims to be speaking on behalf of the people.  The PM,  of course, is  a front runner but he is at least consulting the people, an election will be held in 2014,  it is a temporary state, and he makes no pretence Fiji is a democracy at the present time. 

The chiefs of Rewa
The chiefs of Rewa headed by former SDL Cabinet Minister and head of the Burebasaga confederacy Ro Teimumu  Kepa , however, writing on behalf of the people of Rewa in their submission on Government's draft constitution, have assumed their traditional Louis XIV role . "We, the undersigned, in our indigenous traditional cultural roles as Turaga i Taukei, and on behalf …