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Women and the Law

International Women's Day is celebrated in Fiji this coming Tuesday 5 March
Women and the Law:  Rights Under Written and Unwritten law
By Nazhat Shameem Address at “Empowering Women to Wellness” Conference,  Suva, 14th and 15th February 2013
Introduction The welfare and health of women are bound to the mental well being of women as much as they are to their physical health. The two are inextricably linked. We women rarely prioritise ourselves in relation to our own health. Brought up to multi task, to put everyone else’s welfare before our own, we forget that our own welfare is the back bone of the family. We are often taken for granted, yet our ill health is capable of bringing our entire families to a standstill. Our legal rights have a close relationship with our position in society. Our traditions tell us that we have not always had any rights at all. Burnt at the funeral pyres of our husbands, buried at birth, killed in our mothers’ wombs when it was found that our mothers were car…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

 They Walk Among Us
As we progress in our lives we will be introduced to many new things. Technology is on of them. Then we have rape that seems to be on the rise and  cyber crime, money laundering and dangerous drugs have already come into Fiji. Movies that once were banned are already here.

One thing that has been the talk of the town is how women should dress. Modern day women have a right to choose what they wear even to the point of almost going partially naked. Men should control themselves, admire God's creation, and/or look away.

Two weeks ago we read of the attempted abduction of a young woman  and last week  Monday a 23- year old student experienced the same thing. The victims were alleged to have been injected with an unknown substance. With my vivid mind I envisioned aliens having come silently in the night took up human shape and tried to abduct two humans to be taken back to their space ship to be experimented on, perhaps for reproduction.

In the early days we read o…

News and Comments Friday 1 March 2013

QARASE FACES FURTHER CHARGES.The former PM and Chairman of Native Land Trust Board faces further  charges of alleged fraudulent conversion and abuse of office. Also charged are the  former NLTB General Manager, Kalivati Bakani and former NLTB Director Keni Dakuidreketi. It is alleged that the three were involved in having caused or fraudulently applied the Extinct Mataqali Funds in the sum of $3.44 million to Vanua Development Corporation Limited and later on to Pacific Connex Limited, contrary to the purposes and role of the NLTB and also contrary to the purpose of Vanua Development Corporation Limited.

TOTAL MOBILE AND BROADBAND ACCESS. Government hasrenewed its commitment to provide every Fijian – irrespective of where they live – access to affordable mobile telephone and broadband services. Coverage, including 3G, is now about 95%.

A GOLDFISH AND AN IKA DROKA. "Navosavakadua," a frequent government critic on Fiji Today, said  PM Bainimarama has the short-term memory of a g…

Some Background on the Qarase Accusations

                                     Published in 2010 by Subhash Appana
To see other background papers by Subhash published in September and October last year, simply write his name in "Search" . 
In the numerous cases of power-play, manipulation and intrigue highlighted in this series, former PM Laisenia Qarase’s name features prominently. There are a number of key roles through which he propagated and facilitated what amounted to a siphoning of funds from the state to a group of connected private individuals in the name of “Fijian business assistance”.

Qarase belonged to a cadre of civil servants who realized their importance in the post-1987 world of topsy-turvy politics. Little is made of the central role these public servants played in keeping the country functioning as factional power-play swept the political landscape in Fiji. Rabuka’s weakness and his continuing tug-of-war with Mara created openings for these bureaucrats to dig in.

Qarase and a host of others thus …
Qarase had no vested interests: LawyerFebruary 26, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News,Opinion | Posted by: Laisenia Qarase’s legal reprentative Queens Counsel, Remy Van De Wiel outside the Court of Appeal in Suva yesterday. Photo: RONALD KUMAR. By FONUA TALEI
Charges being appealed 
Laisenia Qarase was found guilty in the High Court on July 31 last year for six counts of abuse of office and three counts of discharge of duty with respect to property in which he allegedly had a private interest.
New appeal lawyer
Chair of the Victoria Criminal Bar and Queens Counsel (QC) Remy van de Wiel, made submissions in the Fiji Court of Appeal yesterday on the lack of correlation made in the presiding judge’s summing up of Laisenia Qarase’s case.
Addressing the Court yesterday, QC Wiel, who is representing the former Prime Minister in his appeal of conviction, said the learned trial judge in his judgment analysis, failed to relate the law to the facts of the case.
He said the Fijia…

News and Comments Tuesday 26 February 2103

POLL ON REGISTRATIONS. The online media site Fiji Live's poll "Should the government extend the time for the political parties to register?" resulted in Yes 40% No 60%.   It is pleasing that FL is again publishing polls on a political topic.  

CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY SOME: Qs and As.  Permanent Secretary to the PM's Office, Colonel Pio Tikoduadua says the announcement of members of the Constituent Assembly is probably being held up until the political party registration issue is resolved. He expects the number of members to be about 40. The Assembly will review the draft constitution which is being re-drafted by Lawyers at the Solicitor General’s Office, and also study the Ghai draft complied by the Constitution Commission led by Professor Yash Ghai.

UNIONS WANT IN. Trades Union Council (FTUC) is hoping to be part of the Constituent Assembly. Speaking  to FijiLive FTUC general secretary Felix Anthony said they have noted that civil societies will be invited to be part of…