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News and Comments Saturday 16 February 2013

ANONYMITY. "Although anonymous commentators and bloggers defend their practice as a 'healthy expression of democracy', it is a 'democracy of the gutless whosecommonest weapon is abuse hurled from behind the ramparts of their anonymity." -- Brian Edwards.

Two political parties had applied for registration when the deadline passed  on Thursday but there seems to this writer every probability  neither will be accepted.

The National Federation Party obtained the required 5,000 members but its newly elected executive is entirely Indo-Fijian and male and it has not yet established offices in the four divisions. If any party has had a bad deal in recent years, it is the NFP. It was punished by the electorate for "compromising" with Rabuka SVT and supporting the 1997 Constitution.  As a result, its share of the Indo-Fijian vote dropped by half to 15% in the 2006 elections. Thisis still a significant percentage but it was not enough to wi…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Choosing the Best'
I am of the opinion that all posts of principal in schools belonging to religious organisations or particular organisations should always remain with a person who belongs to that faith, doctrine or a member of the organisation.

However, the vice and assistant principal may go to people of other faith or doctrines, but they can act in the post of principal for as long as six years. This should be made very clear to everyone so that when the post of principal becomes vacant the vice principal and the qualified assistant principal should not waste their time applying for the post. And for that matter people who are qualified but do not belong to the religion or doctrine should not waste their time either. A very painful thing is to be VP for many years and running the school while the principal sits and twiddles his or her thumb while the VP runs the school and after having applied for the post, it is given to someone else who belongs to that faith.

We have to come t…

News and Comments Tuesday 12 February 2013

A CHIEFLY STATEMENT. “The chiefly system is not our making but God's calling. He has placed these responsibilities on our shoulders to keep our people united, to maintain structure and order within our society so that the people are always untied … we stay traditional and continue to honour our practices … so everybody is happy. There is the ‘mana’, the wrath of the spirits for non adherence … you will not understand …Our people like giving, they like to serve … it is a system that has enabled our survival and the security of our people”. --Unnamed chief at Provincial Council meeting.

REGISTRATION OF POLITICAL PARTIES. Registrar of Political Parties Mere Vuniwaqa has confirmed that none of the parties have applied for re-registration so far, and none are likely to be registered by the deadline on Thursday.because the process requires time for assessment of each application. If this is the case the parties will cease to exist from Friday. Applicants will, however, have an opportun…